Sonic Generations Gameplay Trailer Launched

Amongst all the noise of yesterday’s Sonic Generations reveal, some gameplay footage was released. The premise of the game (or just Sonic in general) has caused split opinion here at TSA; does this new trailer change your mind?

Source: IGN



  1. You know, I really want to be excited for this game. But after playing Sonic 4 I felt like I had been mugged, so I’m gonna go cautious on this one.

  2. 10/10, I can’t wait

  3. Haven’t been really impressed with a Sonic game since Sonic 2, but this looks to have a lot of promise. Look forward to any more info in the near-future

    • Really? Didn’t like Sonic 3? I thought that was the peak of the franchise (well, Sonic3 + Knuckles maybe)

      • yeah Sonic 3 & Knuckles was amazing, one of my favourites.. then Sonic CD I think that was after that or before I can’t remember but it was brilliant.

  4. I like it :-)

  5. Pleasantly surprised by this trailer, here’s hoping they can pull it off and give us an awesome Sonic game =]

  6. Get rid of the modern sonic bit and looks good, i dont like the new 3D type sonics, doesnt have the same feel to it :(

    • Sonic Unleashed was quite good, I’m glad its similar… sad that it won’t be like Sonic Adventure 2.

  7. is it the same levels, but 3D and 2D version…. seems like a good idea if it is. Adding 3D versions to sonic 1 with hidden areas, and a different view points of the level could be fun.

    • also, how strange that i have never really noticed the difference in the old and new Sonic change over the years, i have owned every game as well lol

  8. I’m interested.

  9. How about I just play as “Old Sonic” (or Sonic as I like to call him) and “Modern Sonic” goes to hell?

    • Just read the info in the other article…what the hell is that all about for a story line?!?

  10. After listening to the podcast i can only think of it not bein gay . . .

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