WeView: Crysis 2

So we promised you a new feature involving you guys, and here it is.

See, we think we’ve built up a pretty good community of fairly smart guys and gals here at TSA and we like to hear what you have to say about things every now and then. With the discussion topics we’ve been posting you’ve had a chance to express your views on every topic under the sun, from your favourite gaming snacks to huge issues like piracy.


However, we haven’t really given you an opportunity to have a discussion about your favourite games, so that’s what WeView is.

Basically, we want to give you a chance to have your say about the games that you love. Every week we’ll be picking a new title for you have to your say on, giving a short review and your own score for the game. However, we don’t want you to rate a game from 1-10, we’re giving you a much simpler rating scale that we know many of you like. So, instead of the traditional 1-10, we want you to use the Buy It, Bargain Bin, Rent It, Avoid It rating scale which is pretty self-explanatory and easier to classify games under.

Now here’s the other important point, we don’t want you doing this in the comments.

When you write your actual review, we’d like you to go and do it over in the forums. We’ve even set up a brand new board in the forums just for these reviews. Every week we’ll be posting a new thread, like this one here, for you to fill with your reviews. You’ll have until the Sunday night to get your commentary in if you want to be included in Monday’s wrap-up post, where we’ll pick out the best bits and work out the community score for the game.

Now that we’ve got the system out of the way, let’s look at this week’s game. We’ve picked CryTek and EA’s newest shooter, Crysis 2. We posted our review of the game a little over three weeks ago, and Peter was pretty positive about the game, giving it 8/10. For those of you who’ve forgotten what he had to say, here’s his overview of the game.

All things considered, Crysis 2 is a triumph. Sure, it has its occasional issues with checkpointing and enemy AI but you will usually be having too much fun to care too much. The early pacing really does drag for a few stretches but the latter half of the campaign more than makes up for that and the multiplayer, while a little unbalanced, can present great opportunities for superhuman struggles powered by the ubiquitous Nanosuit.

It plays like a strange mix of Call of Duty and Halo but in taking the best aspects from each of these series, Crysis 2 might just have found a winning balance.

That’s what we thought of the game but the big question is do you agree? Did Peter nail it, or do you think he gave the game too much praise? Well now’s your chance to set the record straight, just head over to the forum thread and give your review and rating.



  1. Looking forward to seeing what our crowd make of some of this year’s big-hitters.

  2. Nice, good to see a rehash of an old feature and done in an even better way than before. Hopefully this will pull a few people into the forums too.

  3. Nice idea :) haven’t played enough of Crysis2 myself to give a fair review but its definatley one of the better shooters out there from what I’ve played so far.

  4. Great initiative. I’ll certainly join in when there’s a game I played.

  5. Nice feature. I don’t have Crysis 2 though so I shan’t get involved this time around.

  6. Hey – that’s a great new feature! :)

  7. Cool, sounds like a pretty awesome idea, I can’t do Crysis 2 as I haven’t got round to picking it up yet, but hopefully I’ll be able to participate in the coming weeks =]

  8. Great idea for a feature. I’ve completed Crysis 2 so will hopefully get a little review written soon :)

  9. This is a great idea, it may even get people to play through a game quicker, more thoroughly or just play through it again. So they can review it for you. It may not on the other hand, but never mind.

  10. Cracking Idea. Looking forward to Dead Space 2 and Thrillzone 3 :-)

    • thrillzone 3 sounds a bit dodgy lol

      • It sounds like something I’d like to play :)

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