Black Ops ‘Escalation Map Pack’ Preview

A second map pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops is on the way and we’ve got the first footage of the multiplayer maps shown below. Just like the First Strike pack that launched earlier this year, Escalation includes four brand new maps, as well as a new zombies map.

Although Black Ops catches a lot of flack from just about everyone that doesn’t play it, it remains one of the most popular games on multiple platforms. If you’re one of the millions that still plays and are looking for some new boards to compete on, look no further.

Source: YouTube



  1. please let it be released for Asia this time… I still have not gotten the First Strike patch yet :( but more then likely i will be disappointed Again. fml

  2. I played Black ops for the first time about 2 weeks ago, and have to say I don’t know why there is so much hate towards it. Maybe it is now the latest ‘cool’ way to say I am a real gamer. I managed to hold my own in the online multiplayer (despite being awful at shooters)which functioned perfectly well and Zombie co-op with friends is worth the price of the game alone.

    • There’s so much hate towards it for many reason, too many in fact that I cannot possibly go into detail about every one. However, one of my major gripes is Treyarch themselves. Their games are never a step forward from an IW game, they are more of a side step with a few tidbits ie zombies, dead ops arcade, that have no relevance at all to the COD franchise. The game also looks awful graphics wise, how they managed to make a game that looks worse than both games before it is beyond me. They aren’t a good games maker imo, they had 2 years to create this game and its really disappointing.

      • @jaffa – its my understanding that 3arch had alot to do with cod4 mp. so by that logic 3arch are the front runners.

    • Before Christmas Black Ops was absolutely unplayable on the PS3, but its much better now. The game is still very frustrating though for many reasons. And I agree about the graphics.

  3. Traded all my CODS in but will return to the land of COD one day.

  4. Not buying it. I did my usual, rank up to Level 50 and then havent bothered. I have recently gone back to MW2, but I’ve got so many FPS’s to get through. Havent tried the multiplayer in Crysis 2 yet plus Ive got Brink Pre-ordered!

  5. The maps look good but I wont be buying, Brink is out in less than a month, plus COD I will not touch anymore. Same old rubbish each time a new release comes out.

    • Was wondering how long it would take before I found your comment Bilbo….;)

  6. Like the last DLC, I won’t personally be buying it, although I may still get it. Atm, I’m looking to new FPS’s, so really excited about Brink, and Homefront too.

  7. I hope PSN does not break when this is released. I swear everytime a COD map pack is released, it goes down. I take it Activision will charge a tenner for it. I don’t see the point of Map packs as they could have been included in the game on release.

    • £11.50 isnt it? I was tempted to buy the first map pack the other day but quickly snapped out of it. Bought FFIX instead!

  8. I would buy them both, but not for the amount they charge.

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