PlayStation Plus Mid-Month Update

It’s that time again, where all you Plusites get a little mid-month pick-me-up in the form of PSN goodies. April has already been a good month, with more of the same promised in May, so here’s what’s new:

  • “50% discount on the brand new game Red Johnson Chronicles
  • 100% discount on Socom Pro Access – This download gives you different game modes at launch and then future updates to pro will give you new weapons, maps and other Socom benefits. And you guys get it exclusively early in Europe
  • 100% discount on the wacky PSN classic Pain
  • 20% discount on the 2nd of the Ubisoft brand new titles: Outland
  • 20% discount on the awesome racing BD title coming new to the Store: Modnation Racers
  • 25% discount on a BD Move title new to the Store: TV Superstars
  • 100% discount and exclusive to Plus – new Clock theme from The Studio”

Source: EU PS Blog



  1. Free PAIN!

  2. hmm, not much there really. Good for those who have it. I nearly purchased it last month for SOCOM, but glad I didn’t.

  3. *Snigger* Red Johnson

  4. Might get TV Superstars. Seems to hold it’s price on BD. Never played pain, bonus. Playstation Plus delivers again!

  5. Pain, excellent. More Move fun :)

    • I’m not sure TV superstars consitutes fun sadly. Averageness more like. I’d have preferred a discount on Echochrome 2.

      • Okay, just reread your comment and realised you meant Pain = Move fun.

        Didn’t actually even have a clue it had been patched.

  6. awsome sauce, i already renewed my year subscription, best purchase i ever made, ive only had 1 or 2 items i already had so all in all its been worth the money, plus ATM they are giving an extra 3 month with the 12 months. sold

    • Yup, I’m going to do the same as soon as my PSN cards come through the door. Doubly great bargain. :)

      • Can you renew early then? I was a day one plusser, but can’t remember when day one was.

      • shields_t, yes you can, they enabled subscription stacking last month.

      • I didn’t know that, cheers.

  7. Pain is great. Too bad I already have it.

  8. Count me in for free Pain….oh wait that doesnt sound right…

  9. Personally I found Pain insufferably dull!

  10. 20% discount on Outland, ooo.

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