Mario & Sonic At The London Olympic Games Announced

Sega have surprised everyone by announcing Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games. Go on, look surprised – it will make Sega’s day. Sega Japan are on the coding duties and the game will arrive next year.


Soon to be referred as M&S London this isn’t just any Olympic video game, this is an M&S Olympic video game.  Events from the previous M&S titles will make an appearance along with new sports for 2012 including football, equestrian, athletics, aquatics and table tennis. Joining the normal sports will be a selection of ‘dream events’ that take place in the respective worlds of Mario and Sonic.

There will also be a special ‘London Sports’ section which features events based on life in the big city including the Stab-a-thon (Hackney), Hook The Hooker (Soho) and Top Score! (in which players try arrange as much coke as possible to be delivered to their flat in Camden on a single Saturday night).

Joke! That is of course a massive lie and I am in no way implying such cuddly, child friendly characters such as Sonic & Mario have anything to do with violence, prostitution or drugs. The events Stab-a-thon, Hook The Hooker and Top Score! do not appear in the game. This is totally inconceivable. I was thinking about my weekends.

Source: MCV



  1. Awesome.

  2. wow, can they really justify the cost to produce and publish this?!

  3. Shame – I’d probably buy a wii for a go on Tuffcubs ‘London Sports’!

    Sounds awesome.

  4. Shame, I like the idea of you games better

  5. I’ve only won something once, and it was a copy of Olympic Gold for the Megadrive in a Mean Machines competition.

    It was a good game, but in the time between entering and winning, I had also received a copy for my birthday.

    True story.

    I think my point is that Olympic games can be good. I hope there is a good London 2012 game.

  6. Im totally shocked :|

  7. They really need to do a special London sports section

    • perhaps in a GTA:London remake?

    • Your forgetting The Getaway haha

  8. This gives me thoughts of families buying this for their children, SEGA continue to break my heart.

  9. Free milk! Only 29.99!

  10. Class, I’ll bet Mario and Sonic didn’t have to invest a small mortgage just to get their tickets for beach volleyball on horseguards parade.

    Muswell Marathon would make a nice sister event to Top Score whereby you have a single Saturday night to offload as many class a drugs around the houses in the borough of Camden as possible.

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