Rumour: DS Lite Discontinued

The DS Lite was a revelation when it was launched back in 2006. Gone where the original ‘phat’ DS’ Fisher Price looks and dull screens, and in its place was a very sleek, almost Apple-like product with screens that could light a football pitch.


GoNintendo are claiming to have an internal memo coming from GameStop claiming that the DS Lite has now been discontinued and stocks will not be replenished. Whilst some might say this is inevitable, it’s still a shame. The Lite was the affordable entry into the DS family and the only one that had a slot to play your Game Boy Advance games.

Are there any GameStop employees in the TSA readership that could shed further light on the situation?

Source: GoNintendo




  1. That really wouldn’t surprise me – Nintendo need to streamline their product range. Right now they have the DS Lite, DSi, DSi XL/LL, and 3DS. Now the 3DS is in as the top-end option it makes sense to remove the lowest-end option and slide everything down.

  2. I loved my DS lite. Importing pokemon using the gba slot was a great feature.

  3. i spoke with nintendo when they came to my work, toys r us, and they are phasing out everything except 3ds and xl, to keep customer confusion to a minimum… and to give 3ds room to breathe

    • lol i was pretty much gonna mention that being it that i work for toys r us, lets face it parnts will look at the price range from ds lite all the way up to 3ds and pick dslite all the way since 3ds was at least twice the price

  4. Just dug mine out this week for first time in a good while as i loved the demo of Clash of Heroes on PS3 so picked it up for the DS.
    For those sitting on the fence its a fantastic game .

    • I completely agree. Played the trial and bought it straight away (on PS3 with Plus discount). Cheesy story is cheesy, but I love the core gameplay!

  5. I still prefer my original phat ds :)

    • Yeah the way you can hardly see the screen except in perfect lighting conditions was a real charm.

      I loved my DS Lite but now my 3 year old has it, the GBA slot is a real winner.

  6. hope this doesnt drive the price up on ebay! was hoping to buy one cheap soon

  7. thats both handheld’s i own discontinued in a week, great! -.-

  8. I thought this happened ages ago anyway? Amazon and GAME haven’t had new ones since some time in last year.

  9. They still make those? Oh, they just stopped.

  10. i guess my ds of choice, the phat, was phased out long ago.

    actually it’s not my ds of choice, i’d really like a dsi xl, but i can’t afford one right now, so i have to stick with my old phatty.
    she’s served me pretty well so far.

    phatty, reminds me of that queen song for some reason.
    “she was such a naughty nanny”.

    sometimes the connections my brain makes scare me. O_o

    damn, i wish i could have seen queen live. :(

    • they make the rocking world go round…

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