SOE Plans To Compensate Console MMO Players

Not being able to play Portal 2, Mortal Kombat and a number of other recent favourites online is definitely a pain in the neck, but what about the minority of PS3 owners who are currently playing one of Sony’s console MMOs? Both DC Universe Online and Free Realms can only be played with an online connection, the recent PSN outage meaning neither is accessible at this time. What’s even worse is that the inhabitants of DCUO and Free Realms premium members are paying to use a service they can no longer access with no way of switching-off the automatic-renewal subscription option.


Sony Online Entertainment has recently launched a statement, beginning to outline the company’s plans to appease players who may have been put out-of-pocket due to the current PSN crisis.

To thank players for their patience, we will be hosting special events this weekend across our game portfolio, including a Double Station Cash day on Saturday, April 30th.

Station Cash is used across the majority of SOE’s MMOs and works in a similar fashion to Microsoft points, an internal currency used to buy full-games and add-on content. Though a generous offering, Station Cash isn’t used at all in the PlayStation 3 version of DC Universe Online, SOE promising that these players will be compensated via an alternative method in due time. Whether that means the early release of new content or a free 30-day pass for current subscribers, we don’t know, though either one could be likely.



  1. this weekend ? does this mean PSN will be back online then ?

    • either that or the pc versions of games are expected to be online

      • there has to be some onliine connection through PSN for you to take part as you need to be signed into PSN to do so if there saying things that they know are false then shame on Sony

  2. I’m assuming if you auto-renewed because you couldn’t physically remove the option SOE will refund your PSN account.

    Guess you’ll have to call them to do so, though.


  3. April 30th? Does that mean they expect it to be online by then?

  4. SOE got hacked at the same tine as the PSN so they took all their accounts offline just like SCE did…

  5. Great start Sony.

    Come back bigger and stronger!

    We are behind you.

    And if I find out this had anything to do with MS I will be putting a nail in the end of a piece of fence and shall be paying William Gates a visit ;-)

    • reductions! I would think a summer sale of 70% reductions across the PSN would cover it…or would 80% suffice? hmm

    • You don’t honestly think Microsoft had anything to do with an illegal attack on a competitor, right?

      • Nah, no way, not with the amount of attacks they themselves will also be getting. Sony, MS and Ninty are all on the same team when it comes to things like this for sure.

        Real shame it has had to happen and does show us all how huge our favourite hobby has become.

        I just hope everything is sorted soon, it will all be old news soon enough.

      • This sounds stupid, but I’d like a bit more industrial espionage and fighting to go on, just because its interesting and exciting :D

        Obviously it wouldn’t be good at all for anyone, but the idea of companies recruiting spies to sneak into each others building, steal documents and shut down their servers is pretty cool. Then they could be caught and Sony and MS could do hostage swaps on bridges and things…

        (Apologies if this makes me sound mad)


  7. Didn’t I read somewhere in that SCE statement thing that they would be taking like another week to sort out the whole security thing with their contracted security firm?

    Is this a semi-confirmation that the PSN will be back up by this weekend???

    why not just extend current subs the appropriate amount of time from the outtage?

    • they said it would take a week yesterday whether that means a week from yesterday or from last week when PSN went down who knows but they did say a week

      • They said UPTO a week.

        So it can come on any time between today and next Tuesday taking into account Sat and Sun are classed as a working day.

    • This article is nothing to do with PSN. As mentioned in the article, it evolves around the accounts – SOE got hacked the same time as the PSN so took their accounts offline too.

      The issue here is that they have explained how they are compensating Station account holders, but not PS3 DCUO players.

      • yeah but you have to be signed into PSN enter events this, if PSN is offline how do they expect people to take part in it if they cant sign into PSN

    • Lol towards carson, sorry.

  8. pffft April 30 I have life stuff planned you know =P
    Kidding but still it is a good thing, no?
    I don’t own any MMO Games but desperate to play Mortal Kombat online though.

  9. Oh cool, I see many companys, such as the developers or the companies that have their applications on PSN giving a compensation.

  10. I hope they compensate for my bank account if it suddenly empties…

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