Still Alive Parody Video About PSN

We don’t often post this sort of thing. We get lots of email suggesting that we might want to feature someone’s YouTube channel or repost things from someone’s blog and we usually have a look, smile and close the mail. This one is different.

It might be our current love for anything to do with Portal, the fact that TheSixthAxis briefly features in the video or just that we know everyone could do with something a bit funny to cheer them up. Regardless, we just got sent this by a TSA user called Russ and we think it’s worth a giggle. Take a look:



  1. classic!!!


    • Nice name haha!!
      and now to make this comment relevant to this article:
      The video is excellent, includes someone singing, oh and the video’s on the PSN hacking :P

  3. Hahaha, that’s brilliant, had me laughing the whole way through!

  4. Haha =)

    It’s funny without being over the top, nice stuff!

  5. lol, please make it to No.1

  6. haha this was great, I actually am considering getting portal 2 now after seeing loads of videos on it. I was really bad at the first one, even tried shooting myself with my “gun” haha. (Afterwards my friend took the controller off me :( haha) But il make sure I can play it with a friend who knows what hes doing :D

  7. not sure whether to laugh or cry.
    (was finishing off b.ops campaign today & on 3rd last level, i noticed one of the allies was called pvt hacker.)

  8. The fact that the video shows TSA means that TSA is a credible source of information… :)

  9. Nope didnt get it. Sorry.

    • There’s nerves to be touched yet.

  10. watched it twice, i opted to laugh :)
    (that’s life, one or the other, your choice)

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