Dragon Age 2 DLC Released

BioWare has released three new bits of DLC for Dragon Age II, each adding new armour, weapons and items to either your Mage, Rogue or Warrior.

I’d love to be more specific, but the DLC descriptions give very little away as to what these new items are:

  • “This item pack includes a collection of arms, armour and accessories for your warriors and warrior followers.
  • This item pack includes new armour, weapons, and accessories for use by your rogue and rogue followers.
  • This item pack includes relics and mementos of untold power for use by your mage and mage followers.”

Brilliant, thanks for that. It’s out now for PC and Xbox 360 for 240 BioWare/MS Points each or you can download all three at once for 400. For obvious reasons the PS3 versions aren’t available.

Source: Big Download


  1. Haha, that’s so vague. How’s it going to advertise itself like that?

  2. Now they are being lazy. I know they are busy with two other games at this time but comeon an item pack? something you can create using mods on the pc version.why not release a dlc which covers the year Hawk is a mercanary/smuggler?They could includ the items from this dlc into that dlc.I refuse to pay for something that may have been cut from the game before released or adds nothing worthwhile to the game.

    • They are high end items not common, first of all read the info first then judge

      • i did read it and i still stand by my comment.I hate pointless DLCs that add nothing to the game. I am very disappointed as i was expecting an addon not an item pack. DA2 has some plot holes.It would have been nice if the game started out in lothering before it was attacked.

  3. Small print: These items are already in the game and do not require payment in order to access them, but we just like to get your cash.

  4. I really fancy this game but will wait for the complete etc version to be released.

    • That is what i am doing regarding Origins. I really like to play it again and then take my hero into DA2. But still waiting on the price to drop first before going for it.

  5. You can get the full list at http://dragonage.wikia.com/wiki/Downloadable_content_%28Dragon_Age_II%29 and then click on the relevant links there

  6. Although some of the items do look interesting, I think it’s going to disappoint people, myself included, that this was the first DLC BioWare decided to release for DA2.

    • Count me in as one of those people! C’mon Bioware, how about you try doing something to please the fans you managed to retain after the less-than-golden reception to this game and release something actually good rather than a quick cash in.

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