First Hydrophobia Prophecy Trailer Launched

The first trailer for Hydrophobia Prophecy is now live, and certainly looks good. As we have already reported, the game is a vastly reworked version of Hydrophobia Pure with about 70% of it being new.

Add in the new Move controls and this really could make a splash (sorry).

Source: Movemodo




    Danny Boy, this has become a FO SHO Purchase!

    • Exactly what I was thinking, really wanted to give this a go when it came out originally, and now that its coming to the PSN and so much work has been done to it since I’m very much excited about this =]

      Can’t remember, has there been a release date announced for it yet?

  2. Looks great, water treat!

  3. Think I might take the plunge and wave goodbye to a few pounds for this. Hopefully I’ll be able to sink a good few hours into it. >_>

    • Guess its wet your appetite then?

      • The have found a niche market to tap into.

      • I fear a flood of dirty water puns, we will be drowing in them if we are not careful. The key to making a good water pun is not to faucet.

      • It has, I hope they support it with a stream of content, I might have to make room on my hdd though as it’s already flooded with psn games.

      • for god sake, you’re just going overboard with em now.

      • I did dribble a bit yes.

      • water-ver has gotten into you people?

        yeah, i know, that was lame, it was all i could think of.

      • I’ll have to sea if this game is any good before I buy it…

  4. great title for the article, wasn’t impressed with the trailor though.

  5. I’m really looking forward to playing this (again?).
    Just watching that trailer has made me remember how much I enjoyed the XBLA version and with all the improvements, plus the added bonus of Move support, I’m getting pretty excited for this all over again :)
    Can I play it on Steam between now and the PSN release too? Probably…

  6. The graphics reminded me of Mass Effect II

  7. So many water jokes! This game has certainly opened the flood gates of bad jokes! :P

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