Bargain Weekend #1 – Dirt, Infinity Blade, XCOM

If there’s one thing better than the feeling you get when you fire up a new game, it’s firing up that new game safe in the knowledge that you have enough money left in your back pocket to get a bottle of White Lightning and a bag of chips.

This is where Bargain Weekend comes in, each week we’ll be bringing you a selection of some of the best deals we can find. Of course this list isn’t exhaustive and great deals pop up all the time, which is why for the past four years we’ve had a Cheap Games & Great Deals thread in our forum. This is the place where our community helps each other out by letting everyone know of any unmissable deals they see on the high street, online or in the various virtual stores like Steam, etc.

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Dirt Showdown – PS3 & 360

First up is a big one, Dirt Showdown for only £9.95 – that’s right, it’s not a typo. Dirt Showdown really is available online for less than ten pounds from Zavvi.

Earlier in the year we reviewed the title, scoring it a rather good 7/10, noting its fun but inconsistent single player action complimented by a brilliant online mode.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown – PS3 & 360

If you can’t wait for the postman to deliver your gaming kicks, then heading on down the high street and visiting a good old fashioned gaming emporium can still see you grabbing a bargain. This week GAME have XCOM: Enemy Unknown for the PS3 and Xbox 360 available for a measly £24.99.

This is not only a great price for a recent game, it’s a flipping unbelievable price for one as good as this. If you’re still unsure then head on over to our review.

Hydrophobia Prophecy – PSN

Elsewhere on PS3, well the PSN Store to be precise, we have the 3rd person action title Hydrophobia Prophecy for a shockingly low £1.19 or £1.07 for PlayStation Plus subscribers. It’s been divisive, with some citing a lack of polish and pacing issues but many enjoying its mildly puzzle-based combat and affordable pricing. Last year Dan reviewed the game for TheSixthAxis, scoring it an incredible 9/10.

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – PC & Mac (Steam)

This where I try to write a brief sentence on Counter-Strike GO without mentioning the PS3, so I won’t. Now that we’ve dodged that bullet, how about heading online and dodging bullets for free? Yes, FREE.

This weekend Valve are allowing gamers the chance to download and play Counter-Strike GO completely free until November 5th

Tomb Raider – PC (Steam)

Steam are playing host to a Tomb Raider 15th anniversary sale and have three of Lara’s titles available for 75% off.

Getting of any or all of Tomb Raider: Anniversary £2.49, Tomb Raider: Legends £1.74 and Tomb Raider: Underworld £2.49 represents a great chance to get hold of Lara for less.

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Infinity Blade – iOS

This weekend sees the rather gorgeous Infinity Blade I and II both on offer for a special price. For the three people in the world who haven’t grabbed the original Infinity Blade there’s never been a better time to do it than now, while it’s just £0.69. That’s not all though as the sequel, the imaginatively titled Infinity Blade II is only £1.99

Great Big War Game – Android

The premium ad-free version of Rubicon Development’s excellent Great Big War Game is down to just £0.59 so if you’re a strategy fan grab it while you can. Did I mention it was excellent?

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Don’t forget, if you do see a great value deal whilst you’re out & about or browsing online that you think others may like, you can share it in our forums. That’s it for this week’s selection of bargainilicious gaming, fill yer boots!


  1. I’m very tempted by xcom, everyone says good things and that’s a bargain price.

    • Love it.
      Not heard anyone who has shelled out their own money for it regret it in anyway.

    • a friend of mine has it, he has to play Demon Souls after Xcom just to relax.

    • I went all the way down to game and xcom was £40!

      • Shitty

        I had it confirmed by my local GAME as their national deal of the week… £24.99 in-store, £22.99 online (sold out)

    • My game of the year also. However it’s proper hardcore turnbased :)

      Even on normal difficulty no ironman it’s brutal.

      I’m playing it and loving it and once i’m somewhat got to grips with the best tech to go for/tactics etc then i’ll “try” ironman mode (1 save file – if one of your squad dies it saves :) ).

      • My GotY too, love it.
        If does get very hard before you get to 20hrs though, brutal in fact. my start a new go on the new easier easy mode.

      • I bought xcom, dishonored and Bordelands 2 with 2 weeks. I have to say xcom is definitely my favourite and very addictive. One more hour until I knock off work and get back to it haha.

  2. Yup, I’m tempted by Xcom at that price too!
    I’m surprised Hydrophobia scored so highly though, that was the game that tipped me into PS+ subscription last year (it was free), and though I enjoyed it, I wouldn’t say it was that good personally :)

  3. Awesome feature, thanks guys. Tempted by dirt

    • £9.95 for dirt showdown one of the bargains of the century quality game I spent £40 on it easily some of the best 40 notes I’ve ever spent.

      • This was £9..99 earlier last month from Game online (but was there exlcusive Hoonigan version).

        Still a massive bargain ofc.

  4. Nice feature, very informative, though got really excited about XCOM and went to look on GAME web, they’ve all sold out, PC and 360. T_T

    • If you’re looking for it on PC, then GreenManGaming have a 25% off code advertised on their front page. The digital version of XCOM that they sell is just a code to redeem on Steam, and this 25% off takes it from £28 to £21.
      That’s a great offer too.

    • It’s in store at £24.99

      Get off your ass ;)

      • -_- they don’t exactly have it in stock either, not that I would have expected you to know what is in stock at every GAME store o.0

      • It’s a conspiracy!

  5. Like this. There are now only 2 people left that don’t have Infinity Blade.

  6. Excellent feature. More iOS stuff please.

  7. OK, this is going mental now.

    Amazon have reduced their price of Dirt Showdown too, but to a rather stupid £8.06 on PS3 and £8.18 on 360

    Yes, £8… Really.

    Dirt Showdown PS3
    Dirt Showdown 360

    Added to our Cheap Games and Great Deals forum thread.

    • “TSA bargains post sparks miniature price war.”

  8. Here’s a bargain for you. If you go to the Assassins Creed sale section of the PSN store both AC2 and Brotherhood *appear* to be free for youPS+ members. Downloading now, only time will tell if it’s actually the full games….

    • Think its trials, even though they’re mislabelled.

      A few people on Twitter tried it last week, I may… or may not have been one of them

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