Invite A Friend To The Gears Of War 3 Beta

The Gears 3 beta has been rolling for a while now, and it’s actually a very solid (if shotgun orientated) experience. If you have a friend who didn’t managed to snag a beta code then fear not, as Epic has started a promotion called ““Never Fight Alone.”

Playing at least one match in the beta will earn you a token which will bag you a beta code to give out to a mate. Additional codes can be earned by doing the following:

  • Buy Gears of War from Games on Demand, any of the Gears DLC or a Gears Avatar
  • Play 20 + hours of the Gears of War 3 beta
  • Buy a 12-month Gold subscription
  • Play 100 hours of any Gears of War title, lifetime to date

Microsoft will email you the codes by May 8.

Source: VG247




  1. That’s a nice touch.
    Be good if more betas were handled this way.

    • I’m slightly cynical of the ‘buy stuff and get a code’ approach, but getting a spare code for playing the beta sounds good.

      • I meant my comment in regards to the 2nd and 4th bullet points.
        Beta play-time and Gears playtime seems fair.

      • I agree. But some people are lazy and have spare money, so why not have options for both? :P

  2. never liked the look of the first 2 games il pass oh and i dont own a 360 so thats a big factor for not getting it oh well

  3. Cool

  4. I have a Beta code if anyone wants it – I don’t have the time at the mo to play online on my 360 & haven’t used my code yet, happy to give it away

    • I’d love to use it if that’s ok.

    • If you still have the code, i’d like to have it.
      Not sure if i want to get this game but the golden retro lancer seems cool!

  5. edit: PM me in the forums :) Thanks

    Looks like it’s only half true, non-US people can only get one token altogether (for playing one match in the beta).

  7. Meh rather play teh PS3 exclusivez!!!

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