New Driver: San Francisco Trailer Released

A new trailer for Driver: San Francisco has been released, giving a brief introduction to some of the game’s key players. Originally pencilled in for release at the end of last year, the game grants you with a ‘shift’ ability which means you can jump to cars in front of you if your current vehicle falls behind in a chase.

Source: Ubisoft via TSA forum



  1. Looks totally awesome. I think the shift mechanic is going to be very difficult to get right but the actual gameplay looks very promising indeed :)

  2. It’s looking pretty damn good from the clips shown there, can’t wait to play it!

  3. Bring on Driver, loved the originals!

  4. It looks good,i really hope that is does not turn out like Driv3R.*shudders at the very thought of driv3r*

    • Hopefully it’ll be like the first couple of games, 3 was rubbish.

  5. I remember Driver from the PSOne days. It was very difficult, awful controls and was a substandard GTA game….

    • I actually found the first 2 games very manageable control wise. I made some amazing police chase videos.

      That’s all I want from this one. Free run + recording.

  6. I loved Driver on PS1.
    Driv3r was ok. Bring on the new one.

  7. Really looking forward to this, I enjoyed Driver 1 on the PS1 but unfortunately it’s one of those games that, like many a PS1 game, hasn’t retained it’s charm. To be blunt, it was a waste of £3.99 on PSN that I now wish I had invested in Crash Bandicoot!

  8. No expectations but if its as good as one I am in :-D

  9. Bumblebee :)

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