Metro: Last Light Confirmed

March of last year saw the release of Metro 2033, which many considered to be quite the hidden FPS gem. Based on a novel of the same name, the game takes place in post-apocalyptic Moscow, mostly inside the metro system where the protagonist was brought up. It has an interesting system whereby decent ammunition is considered as currency and used to buy things, so to survive one must use ammunition of a much lower quality.

During THQ’s financial results it was announced that a sequel is in the works, titled Metro: Last Light. We have no further information but that at the moment, unfortunately, but with a bit of gameplay tweaking it could be very good indeed.

Source: VG247



  1. Metro 2033 was a pretty interesting game, but in places not very enjoyable. There were only a few different enemy-types and nothing past the single player campaign. Will be watching this one closely, however.

    • It was an interesting game and to begin with I really enjoyed the dark atmosphere of the setting. After a while though the bleakness got a bit too much and coupled with some awful stealth sections I got frustrated and gave up on it. As Dan says, with a few tweaks the sequal could be great.

  2. Presumably just on 360?
    I looked forward to the first one for a long time and when I eventually got to play it, I really liked it but it’s unlikely I’ll get to play this since I sold my 360, though I did like it enough to consider buying a new one for the sequel. Seriously.

    • I think it was also released for the PC too. Microsoft may have purchased the license or signed a deal with THQ, as most of their games tend to be multiplatform.

  3. I was very pleasantly surprised by Metro2033, if anything, it reminded me once again of the Halflife series. If you did’nt play it to the end, you missed out on one of the most beautiful endings of an FPS in the last ten years. Seriously.

  4. I loved metro 2033 even though i never completed it (Computer Broke!) I can’t wait for this to be released, hopefully its out on PS3 too!

  5. Not heard much live for original. Still why not, hope they nail the 2nd attempt as premise is good.

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