Only 900 CC Numbers Stolen From SOE Were Active

Between the PSN attack a couple of weeks ago and the information stolen from the PSN and SOE, Sony could use some good news these days. They got a small bit of it just recently when they discovered that only 900 of the 12,700 credit/debit cards stolen from Sony Online Entertainment servers were still active. Pair this news with the fact that the security code off the back of the cards was not compromised and the risk that the hackers will be able to use the card numbers for sinister activities dramatically reduces.

We figured there would be some expired accounts when they announced it was a server from 2007 that was compromised, but this number is still much lower than we expected. It’s certainly good news for both SOE and their customers but there’s obviously still work to be done. As of now, both the PSN and SOE servers are still down and we’re guessing there will be no fist pumping going on at Sony until everything is restored and safe again. Let’s hope they can make that happen sooner, rather than later.




  1. my japan psn account still says down. maybe because im on a uk ps3

    • The japanese government issued a statement to sony (publicly published 3/5,) requesting full intrusion details & a full description of how they plan to make this not happen again.
      They have given sony to the 6/5 to respond & said no psn services will resume (in any region,) until this request is met & analysed.

      • confused there not allowed to switch it back on now till the Japanese government says so?

    • You are right, even if psn was live in japan, only users residing there would have access to the new firmware update.

      • Local update servers. Strange that all PS3s are coded in the same software yet converting it to English and European languages must be hard, eh?

      • i wont even try to talk tech mb lol. not my thing, but put me on a fps, then im badass:)

      • ah i get it, my 02:22 post was wrong, see what happens when i try & do technical:)

  2. Surely most 2007 cards would be expiring this year as well? (As little difference as it makes, just a query)

  3. i fucking miss PSN :( i have xbox 360 but i hate the controller

    • that seems to be tsa nowadays, fi-ng this, f-ing that, degradeing comments towards other members etc. It’s a shame, we used to have the best gaming site in europe imo.

      • I guess I don’t see what’s wrong with his comment. Was it just because he used foul language? I don’t think we’ve ever censored anyone here. He wasn’t directing that at anyone, he just had a strong opinion.

        I will agree that this PSN fiasco has brought out a dark side in some people though.

      • Calm yourself and stop complaining. It’s no big deal.
        Just because someone decides to use a curse word, doesn’t mean a website as a whole is going downhill.
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        Enough with the complaining please.

      • It is true there has been high tensions with comments over the PSN issue but I believe things are generally back to a good standard now with most troublemakers gone one way or another and others taking the hint.

        Comments have certainly been a lot more pleasant to read the last two days :)

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        & btw maturity incorporates respect & consideration to others, not your way or the highway.

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      • The odd ‘Flibbertigibbet’ being bandied around is a cause for celebration though surely…..

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      • @ EB_, I didn’t mean anything like that. I understand you are in a pissy mood and all, but seriously, no one really wants to hear more complaining right now.

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  4. Still bad news if any got taken. The fact that 900 were still active is irrelevant. Damage limitation press releases are meaningless when any is stolen in the first place.

    Even without the security codes it’s still a risk, I’ve made payments on Amazon without entering mine.

  5. Japanese PSN servers are not up, that’s a pretty big rumor that needs to be squashed.

  6. Want my psn back :-(

  7. If you could harness sighs of relief for energy, Sony would be powering most of the world these last few days

    • Hey, they caught Osama… give them a break! Ooo, pearl harbour, karma, retribution. Oh, I’m shit at insults.

  8. What amazes me is just how many comments on this story are about the PSN when the story isn’t ;) – the story is about the hacked SOE accounts used for PC MMOs. Yes the hack was most likely related, and SOE have since gone on record – – confirming that although they are entirely separate to PSN there is some shared architecture, but the accounts on this story are not PSN ones.

    Rant over. Can I have a biscuit now please?

  9. Good job that none of the cards were the UK, since Sony would have just essentially admitted to breaking another part of the Data Protection Act:

    Obviously they didn’t need this data if only 900 of the cards were still active and you’re not meant to keep sensitive data for longer than needed, so…

    • They *could* be UK cards – the press release just said they were “non-US”.

      The only nations specified were Austria, Germany, Netherlands and Spain for the bank accountt details…

      However the fact that the breach occurred in the US, not the UK *may* mean the ICO is powerless here.

  10. Meh, it’s only 900, it isn’t like that’s alot or anything… If they take £100 from 900 cards that’s £90000!

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