PSN Update: DCUO Players To Get Free Playtime

In a recent entry on the DC Universe Online official Facebook page, Sony Online Entertainment have started to outline what compensation they will be offering players who were left out of pocket when the PlayStation Network went down almost two weeks ago.

“Impacted players will receive 30 days subscription credit plus one day for each day the service was unavailable.  Also every impacted player will receive a Batman-Inspired mask appearance item.”


We can assume that by “impacted players” SOE is referring to those whose subscriptions were live when the service buckled, not to those who simply own a copy of the game. A 30-day pass is worth roughly a tenner, and with the exclusive Batman helmet thrown into the mix, it’s actually looking like a very sweet deal for disgruntled DCUO patrons.

However, the recent security breach and SOE’s plans to create all-new super servers raises concerns as to whether DCUO’s near-monthly content update will be delayed. It’s likely we will be updated when the PlayStation Network returns to working status.

Source: DC Universe Online Official Facebook Page



  1. Nice to see Sony offering some pretty sweet compensation deals.

    • Definitely but for some it’s not enough (referring to the 21 year old canadian)

  2. I’d like a warhawk compo package! Perhaps a tourney blade.

  3. I subscribe to FirstPlay and PS+…so I hope we get something good too :)

    • Let’s hope so.

      • Well a free month of PS+ isn’t that great, seeing as I think they’re offering that to non-PS+ members, so the individuals paying for it already should possibly get more – as we haven’t been able to use it for 2 weeks. Also, I can’t help but feel Sony have opted for that to encourage non-PS+ users to subscribe… it could be more of a benefit to them instead of compensation to us. Especially if you imagine that all PSN users will be given 1 months PS+, I think a lot of these users will continue their subscription once some of their PS+ downloads expire after the 30 days. Guess I’m just being cynical :)

        I should imagine with FirstPlay that our subscription will be extended or we’ll have several issues to download when the Store is back up, seeing as they will probably only compensate current FirstPlay subscribers.

      • Current PS+ users aren’t missing out on anything though. All the content will be made available to you, it is just delayed. And you get a free month added to your subscription.

      • Sure – but whilst current PS+ subscribers are having delays, non-PS+ users will actually get something for free for a month, that they wouldn’t normally have….if I’ve understood correctly. :)

        Not really moaning, just an observation. I don’t really care for free stuff as I’m happy playing the many games I have, however compensation could be used to measure how sorry Sony are?!

    • DrNate – we can no longer access the much vaunted ‘cloud saves’ that were only recently added to the Plus service.
      I’m not 100% whether it affects the automated overnight downloads as well – I haven’t noticed any during the downtime, but I’m not sure if that’s due to the downtime itself, or if I haven’t needed any patches.

      • The PS3 needs to sign in to be able to benefit from auto-download, even though the files seem to be hosted elsewhere, probably with the pubs, mine came on & went off again after failing to sign in last night when I’d not long turned it off and my AV input was still on the PS3

      • Ah I guessed as much, thanks for the clarification.

        So that’s two features that Plus subscribers have not been able to benefit from. I think many people forget that, while it is mainly a content subscription, there are services as well.

      • True, you are getting a free month added to your subscription though. That seems fair compensation to me. I can see what people are saying, PS+ users don’t get anything special extra. I just don’t think the loss of auto updating and cloud saves for 2 weeks is a big enough deal to require extra compensation though, in my opinion.

      • Maybe not, but it’s a service we are paying for nonetheless. As long as they extend the renewal date by how long the PSN was down I’ll be happy.

  4. That should be “SOE Update”, though? Don’t the PC players also get additional time with their DCUO?

    • The PC players havent had anywhere as near as much downtim as the PS3 players, as they’ve not been reliant on the PSN.

      SOE took their servers down for a day or so when they realised they were first hacked, then put the servers back up again, so PC players have been able to play in the meantime. Or at least until they took the servers down again a couple of days ago…

      • But i’ve read they also get 30 days for all subs?

  5. Compensation should only be applied to services that are paid for. Goodwill gesture should be applied free services. The psn is free so we are not due any compensation, however Sony are making goodwill gestures toward it’s customers in the form of ‘free’ psn+ and other, yet to be named, downloads.

    • Well said, and for the most part I agree. However, though the PSN service is free, the games which require its presence are not, and there are plenty of people who forked out good money for online-enabled games who feel will feel somewhat disgruntled.

  6. Nice to see Sony looking after the subscribers.

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