Swift Justice With Nancy Grace

Whilst researching the Ubisoft Motion Pictures article I checked that most reliable of sources, Wikipedia. In the list of forthcoming games for 2011 is a game based on the hit TV series, ‘Swift Justice with Nancy Grace.’ Not heard of it? Well it’s a bit like Judge Judy:

Straying away from the “court room” atmosphere, the set resembles that of a game-show. Despite the change of scenery, Nancy Grace makes sure to show no mercy in her courtroom.

The game is to be released this year on Nintendo DS, Xbox 360, PC and PlayStation 3. Now at first I thought ‘Someone has been fiddling with the Ubisoft Wikipedia entry, the jolly japesters, what a bizarre game concept!’ and a cursory Google reveals no mention on the game anywhere.


However, hidden away on Facebook is a listing for the game: it’s real. Check out the clip from the show below in which Clinical Hypnotherapist Sean Wheeler explains how he was able to hypnotize the defendant to recall memories that had been lost due to an alcohol-induced blackout. Sounds like gaming gold to me!

Rumours also reach us that THQ are working on an innovative title for the NGP called “Jeremy Kyle: Verdict!” which will use the previously unmentioned DNA sampler located within the touch pad on Sony’s new device. Couples will take turns to hold the NGP, then pass it on to their offspring and then the NGP will analyze their DNA. If you’ve been cheating, be ready for a stern lecture from Jezza via the NGP screen!*

Source: Facebook

*This is of course entirely untrue and totally made up, apart from the bit about the game based on Nancy Grace which is entirely true and very odd.



  1. Sounds like a real life Ace Attourney. Except it’s a judge and a weird ass hypnotist.

  2. I’m double checking the date to make sure it’s not 1st april again

  3. Wtf?

  4. forensic hypnotherapist?
    uh, what?

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