uDraw Coming to HD Consoles

THQ’s financial announcements last night unearthed a wealth of new information. Among the revelations was notice that the uDraw graphics tablet will be making its way to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in time for Christmas this year.

The drawing peripheral launched late last year on the Wii and has enjoyed decent sales, especially in the US. It can be used for a range of games also published by THQ including Pictionary and the uDraw Studio.


Brian Farrell, CEO at THQ, stated that the new instances would be “exclusively designed” for the PS3 and 360 so we assume they’ll differ in some way from the existing Wii version.



  1. This is surprising

    • Definitely. I wonder how it’ll fair in the not so casual HD gaming market.

  2. Interested! Especially if the ‘grown up’ consoles get a more advanced Studio application to work with. I’m not all that interested in the games that use this tech but I would certainly welcome a graphics tablet that would allow me to be creative on the PS3 just as I can on a PC with a Wacom.

    • it could be very interesting if it was allowed to be implemented into other titles too. Imagine special unlocks in Uncharted that teach you to paint some of the concept art from the game!
      Of course, uDraw is owned by THQ so it’s unlikely that other publishers will support it… Interesting possibilities though!

      • Good thinking. Perhaps another peripheral for Sony to investigate. I can see the obvious games like LBP or Modnation using a pad for user created artistry. Still, I would be more than happy with Pad + Studio + Insanely HD images all powered by the Cell. I always wanted to use the PS3 Printer function for something.

    • Yes if they can do that then it could be a great thing, the 3DS drawing tools are great I’ll have to try Udraw if it does have a mega drawing app on the PSN.

  3. *waits for price

  4. Very interested. I’d love something in the vein of Scribblenauts, but instead of typing various items, you just draw your way around obstacles and scenarios. I guess the main problem would be the technology understanding what you’ve drawn.

    Huge possibilities though and I’m excited by the potential.

  5. From an educational point of view, it’s a great piece of news. If the software is there it could teach different languages, drawing and famous art works to thousands of people. I instantly thought of Chinese & Japanese calligraphy when I read the article, would that be possible? cause i hope so…

    • no reason why not. The only thing that limits it is how marketable the idea is and how much other publishers and developers are willing to support a THQ device (and how much THQ are willing to let them…)

  6. Hopefully it’s a decent drawing tablet and not just an excuse to sell another controller plus shovelware.

    • Yeah I hope not, I’m already sick of shovelware so it better not be expensive shovelware

  7. Wait, why does the PS3 need a tablet? Drawing is already made easy with the Move controller.

  8. Don’t tell Hanny about this or she’ll never do any real work again!

  9. Move, could be fun.

  10. I know i won’t be buying this.

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