New Rage Trailer Infiltrates

When the company that brought us Fallout 3 teamed up with the guys responsible for Doom, we had a fair idea something special would be born. RAGE, due out in September this year, looks quite likely to be that special result of a glorious union.

As you can see, it’s looking very nice indeed. I particularly like the walking turret and remote control car.



  1. Yes, this is looking 7 shades of awesome =)

    Roll on September……

  2. Wasn’t incredibly interested in this one until I watched a couple of trailers recently. Now I can’t wait, looks really good :)

  3. Ow yeah! Will be getting this in September and Skyrim in November…aaah a great 2 months indeed.

  4. Looks ok…. a bit dull but experiencing the game would be better I guess before writing it off.

  5. wow, this looks pretty good.

    • Exactly what I was going to say, I thought this game was more Dead Space than Fallout when I saw it in OPM last year but this looks good, a surprising add to my interest list for this year

  6. Looks similar in style to Borderlands. Really looking forward to this game.

  7. I keep comparing this to Borderlands and I always end up being slightly underwhelmed by the trailers. Still planning on picking this up on release.

  8. Lookin’ real good. Excellent graphics. Love the limp & shoot. I like a good crossbow.

    Walking turret FTW.

  9. ZeniMax, parent owners of Bethesda, bought out Id Software. Rage is Id Software’s baby. How have Bethesda (or ZeniMax) had any input with the development of Rage? I don’t think they will have had any. There may be technology sharing and IP cross-pollenisation in the future but right Rage would be the same whether Id Software had been bought out or not.

  10. Looks good i do hope it will be more like Fallout 3 than Borderlands

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