New War In The North Gameplay Walkthrough

Warner has today released a new gameplay video for their upcoming action-RPG, Lord of the Rings: War in the North, narrated by game designer Shaun Stahl. The walkthrough follows the fellowship as they traverse the perilous slopes of Mount Gundabad, investigating rumours that an Orc horde is massing nearby.


The video demonstrates co-operative gameplay through the perspective of the human character, a ranger skilled with both his dual blades and bow. There is still no sign of a HUD, or any traces of character/party development, though it’s likely we’ll be seeing plenty more features unveiled in the months leading up to the game’s release.



  1. see, why didn’t they use those eagles when they wanted to destroy the ring?

    anyway, this is starting to look pretty cool.

    • Because the eagles can’t fly for long periods and it would probably bring the ring to Sauron’s attention. he would have sent the Nazgul to intercept them and they would most likely be killed plus we wouldn’t have an excellent trilogy of films to watch.:D

  2. too much work

  3. Grrr hate pedantic describer…

  4. Looks alright, still doesn’t look as slick as the PS2 games though. I’m really hoping for this to be epic, I need a decent LOTR game in my life again!

  5. Another good looking game to keep an eye on.

  6. Looks very like Dragon Age 2.

  7. its looks like a decent game from the demo but they always do but seems little bit repetative

  8. Hoping this is good, the last LoTR game I enjoyed was Battle for Middle Earth II. A game that does Tolkein’s world justice would be appreciated.

    • Agreed, I haven’t enjoyed a LoTR game since the PS2 days… The Two Towers and Return of the King. Maybe because I was a bit younger, and I was wrapped up in all the craze, but they were brilliant fun!

      I hope this is at least on par.

      • Both TTT and ROTK were fantastic games for their time, especially being they were movie tie-ins. The Third Age was also another good’n even if it was a turn-based RPG. Conquest on the other hand was a colossal disaster coming from the perspective of a LOTR and Pandemic fan.

      • Oh yeah, forgot about The Third Age, that was a crackerrrr! Pokemon for LoTR fans :D

  9. This looks interesting but it could end up being repitive plus with the inclusion of mages,that seems out of place in Middle earth. if they release a demo then i would download it.

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