The Magical Sue-Sony-O-Tron

Everyone and their dog is bringing class action suits against Sony, so to help you I have created the Sue-Sony-O-Tron! Simply select from the drop down boxes, hit print and send it over to Sony and wait for $1 billion to be deposisted in your bank account. You can’t lose!



  1. That is brilliant.
    I had to click through every one for the lulz. I love it.

  2. I can’t send it!….

    Nice post

  3. Where do I enter my credit card details?

  4. haha!! Simply legendary…that is all that can be said

  5. How dare you make a joke about this!
    It’s like you have a sense of humour or something… :)

  6. Absolutely brilliant!! :)

    Where’s the print button!! ;)

  7. hilarious stuff

    • thougt you said hilary duff lmao

  8. This Brightened up muy day, SO much!

  9. You sir, deserve a nice cake.

  10. Where’s the print button?

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