GameShock TV Airs Tonight

Aside from the occasional snippet here and there from programs such as the Gadget Show, video games rarely get any form of thoughtful TV exposure, especially in our region. If you tune into the Poker Channel (Sky 166 and FreeSat 402) tonight at 11PM, you will catch the first episode of GameShock TV, a new show presented by Empire’s Chris Hewitt. Episodes will clock in at around the 25-minute mark and will include previews and reports on today’s gaming landscape. The show is described as being entertaining and informative, yet without the cringe factor associated with games coverage in mainstream press.

If you don’t fancy tuning in, you can catch the first episode here:


Readers from outside the UK will have to refer to the official GameShock TV site for scheduled network times.



  1. Is this available on freeview?

  2. Bring back that show (I forget the name) that was on Bravo and had Rufus Hound narrating. It was the shizzle (first and last time I use that word).

    • Playr?

      I quite liked the Dominick Diamond show from a few years ago, ‘When Games Attack’ I think it was called.

      • Really? But Dominick Diamond is the worlds biggest douchbag. I would literally never get tired of punching his smug self-satisfied face

    • Attack of the _ _ _ _ _?…. it was brillant

      • Aah… missed the post above, “when games attack”!

  3. Here in Australia we have Good Game, which has been going on for years and is generally awesome.

    • Is it hosted by Bruce Forsyth?

      • lol, sorry that had me in stitches.

      • good God, imagine what he’d say at the end! “and that’s all we have have time for Good Game, Good Game, Good Game, Good Game”

    • I used to love good game, but that was before Junglist was replaced by Hex
      the show just doesn’t feel right anymore.

  4. Given how large the market has become I’m always surprised how few shows there are like this and how many “I’m a teenager, pregnant and I think some no-hoper who looks like a squirrel is the father” shows there are.

  5. Bring back classic GamesMaster I say…

    • The format, yes but all the presenters were terrible.
      They need someone who is a good presenter, knows about games and isn’t a tosser. That seems to be a rarity

      • What about Holly Willabooby ?

      • Is she into games? If so then brilliant!
        Actually her and Dara O’Briain would be amazing

      • Well, I don’t know, I just would like her to do one lol. I bet she has played a few games in the bedroom, does that count?

      • charlie brooker, rab florence, and dara o’briain would be half decent.

  6. games master loved it

  7. Well, it can’t hurt to watch the first one & see if it’s any good can it? After all there is only one reason to watch gameface on challenge & thats the lovely Julia :)

  8. Bastards to review. Gutted.

    • *freeview not review lol. Didnt sound right ha.

  9. This doesn’t hold a candle to TSA TV or Gamesville; the show that used to be on sky 1 with ‘the guru’ who used to give out cheats and hints.. good times..

    • I used to loooove watching gamesville! I could catch sometimes before I left for school lol

  10. Hasn’t this been on for the last few weeks? Watched the 1st episode 3/4 weeks ago, thought it was excellent but unfortunately the same episode has been repeated since. Hope it takes off as it was well made and interesting.

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