New Weapon Unlocked For Red Faction: Armageddon

Volition are no strangers to amusing weirdness. Red Faction: Guerilla featured an ostrich head sledgehammer after an in-joke with some fans went a bit further than most. The third Saints Row game is going to feature a massive purple sex toy with which to club opponents to death. Volition don’t mind a bit of peculiarity in their weaponry.

Meet Mr Toots, the rainbow farting unicorn. Yes, a unicorn that shoots rainbows out of his backside. This is the unlock reward for the Red Faction: Armageddon demo being downloaded more than a million times.


From the mouths of THQ:

A miniature magical unicorn so powerful it lays entire cities to waste, Mr. Toots farts joyous rainbows of pure devastation. Never before has hyper-colored flatulence wrought such destruction, and, for the colonists of Mars in Red Faction: Armageddon, inspiration

Take a look at the video, we couldn’t make this up…

Source: Press Release



  1. You all have to check out the other videos he’s made, they’re brilliant!

  2. Oh, it’s that guy, forgot his name though lol

  3. W.T.F??!!

  4. He really looks like the guy out of Heroes. Cool vid

  5. I love Volition. Hopefully they add something like this to the single player part of the game as I didn’t have insane amounts of time to unlock the Ostrich hammer in the multiplayer mode.

    • Ostrich Hammer was funny lol best weapon for destroying buildings and enemies xD!!!

  6. That video was hilarious lol. I want one!

  7. i love his videos.
    the first one i saw was the real life portal gun

    one of my favourites is the flower warfare one though.

  8. That is a great video. lol

  9. Gotta love a bit of FW.

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