Uncharted 3 Designer On 3D: We’re Making Awesome Stuff

Uncharted 3 represents the absolute zenith of what the PlayStation 3 is capable of – and whilst we know it’s going to be running in 3D when it releases, Naughty Dog have only just stated talking about the new tech.

Speaking to Edge magazine [issue 228] lead designer Jacob Minkoff has wise words and yet nicely balanced expectations.  “People are only going to buy 3D when there’s awesome stuff in 3D,” he said, alluding to the fact that it’s still a relatively poorly adopted new feature.


“We’re making the awesome stuff that’ll drive people to adopt the technology,” he adds.

When we saw Uncharted 3 last it was running in 2D (although we’ve seen a 3D trailer from the developers) but the way the game embodies filmic qualities so well (like the gorgeous motion blur) suggests that Drake’s latest adventure could well push 3D tech to a much wider audience.

It’s still untested ground – Killzone 3 didn’t really work that well, but MotorStorm Apocalypse certainly did, so let’s hope Naughty Dog know what they’re doing.



  1. I’d buy it if I had the money.
    Until it becomes affordable, it doesn’t matter how awesome it is, sadly.

    • Exactly.

    • same chances are in a few years we’ll all have to get it anyway. i can’t imagine tv’s staying 2D in the main for much longer now

      • Yeah, and they’ll be affordable by then! :)

    • Not really, I got an HD optoma projector, 3DXL adapter, 88″inch screen and DLP glasses for under £600

  2. Can. Not. Wait.

  3. I thought the Motorstorm Apocalypse demo was pretty underwhelming 3D-wise, strange since Pacific Rift worked decently in 3D. Overall, I’m still not convinced the tech is there for 3D games to shine yet, but hopefully Drake can prove me wrong.

    • ? In the Sony 3d I blast on its MINDBLOWINGLY GOOD

      • It may be because I’m colour blind but 3D has never had that wow factor for me, even though we have got past the gimmicky ‘finger-pointing-in-your-eye’ days.

        It may also be because you’re looking at a screen. Perhaps a 3D headset that totally immersed you in the environment would knock your socks off?

  4. that motion blur was on purpose!?! ugh that was probably the thing I hated most from the game.

  5. Has the industry actually agreed on a single method for 3d yet?

    • Nope, and until they do, 3D will remain a freak in the eyes of the commonfolk.

  6. Naughty Dog always know what they are doing.

  7. With Naughty Dog’s rep i’m sure it will be impressive but i’m still not sold on 3DTv technology as a full-time home entertainment option.

  8. Welll they’re hardly gonna say ‘yeah 3D, we’re gonna throw it in, you could use it, but to be honest *leans in* it’s a bit naff!

    I don’t doubt that it will be great, as everything visual with Uncharted is, but still.

  9. i agree, i have a 42″ LED and thats pretty basic now… although i have had no real need to buy a 3D tv… my missus hates it, even at the cinemas so it would take something really special for me to make that order on a 3dtv for the ass handing i would get from the missus

    but then it all depends on how much 3d takes off, i mean why would you spend almost double on a tv which may do some games or some movies etc… id want a vast amount of entertainment to use the tv i would end up paying over a grand for…

    ill still buy UC3, but 2D is fine lol

  10. I think we’ve reached the peak on today’s consoles and developers are always thinking, what do we add next? and honestly I don’t think they need to add something new like 3D, I couldn’t care less for 3D.

    Now what would you prefer 3D or 20+ hours of single player?

    what developers need to think about is expanding story lengths and maintaining quality play through, its the reason why I love oblivion so much amazing landscape and so much to do.

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