Sonic Generations, Time Crisis Heading To 3DS

The 3DS roster continues to expand as it has been uncovered (via GameStop listings) that Sonic Generations and Time Crisis will be heading to the console. Sonic Generations is a good fit for the 3DS, and will hopefully look fantastic.

Time Crisis is a bit of an odd one, though. I know the DS has played home to the Point Blank franchise, which seemed to work ok using the DS’ stylus, so it’ll be interesting to see how Time Crisis controls.

Source: GoNintendo



  1. Time Crisis could look really cool in 3D but the controls might be tricky to get right. Good to see any expansion in the library though.

    • It will definitely be interesting to see how the controls will work and if successful, could spawn a load of similiar shooters. Don’t care too much for Time Crisis itself though, used to love it down the arcades but yeah good to see more games being announced.

  2. Be interesting if they made an ARG mode for Time Crisis – using the 3D camera to detect objects in the distance and have people ‘pop out from behind them’ and shoot at you. Of course it would only really work if you’re not moving too fast for the camera, also only be interesting if you’re actually moving.

  3. Time Crisis without a gun just feels wrong.
    Maybe they could add an attachment or accessory?
    Would have to be small though.

  4. Ooo time crisis.

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