Next Xbox 360 Dashboard Update Details Leaked?

Ah the joys of spring! Schizophrenic weather, Lambs, and a dashboard update for the Xbox 360. It looks likely that details of the next update have been leaked to Joystiq, and it will begin rolling out from May 19th. It seems PayPal as a payment option will be making the trip to our shores, as well as the new disk format that allows additional copy protection.

Apparently Avatar Kinect will also be released, as a separate download, on May 27th. Microsoft say “We have nothing to announce.”

Source: Joystiq



  1. Paypal as a payment option is really a great idea!
    I don’t own a 360.. so no luck there. But I really hope this will drive Sony to implement these kind of features in PSN.
    Auch.. I said PSN… and again..

    • I have had nothing but problems with paypal, registered twice and both times someone has tried to hack my account. Once successfully, so won’t be using them again!

  2. Yeah considering Paypal already offers customer protection I think it would ver a very good step for Sony to incorporate it as a payment method for PSN!

  3. Hopefully SONY can get the damn thing turned back on soon enough, as we deserve a huge update!

  4. Meh. I don’t usually bother about console updates.

  5. I wonder if this was planned or if it’s a last minute thing because of the PSN.

  6. Chances are, it was planned. It’s just an another way, or easier way for MS to get our money. For me it’s good, cuz I have a PayPal account, so no more ordering XBL cards online cuz my country hardly ever has them.

  7. Hope ps3 gets paypal.

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