Japan Gets New PSP Earphones

With the ‘NGP’ announced there are obviously question marks over how long the PSP will continue to see support from Sony. One indication of how much of a future the PSP may have, in Japan at least, comes from the fact that today SCEJ have announced the release of some new PSP earphones.


As is evident from the picture above, the earphones will be available in six different colours to match the PSP body colours and they feature the PlayStation logo.  As far as we know these are Japan-only at the moment, where they will cost ¥2,200 (£17, $27).

The first hint at the potential longevity of Sony’s support for the PSP in Japan is the release date.  These earphones will not be available to buy until July 21st.  Given that we are still expecting to see the NGP launch in at least some regions (North America and Japan, most likely) before the end of 2011 it seems an odd time to be expanding the range of PSP accessories.

There is more though.  At the end of the SCEJ press release is the following text:


These days having no ability to read a foreign language is little impediment to trying to understand it as there are many free online translation services (of varying quality) available to the layman.

From those online translations it appears that that is a statement from SCEJ saying that they intend to continue to support the PSP platform, expanding the software line-up as well as the range of peripherals and consoles available.

Given the the PSP is still selling so strongly in Japan maybe that should come as no surprise.  If correct though it has to be good news for the hundreds of thousands of Japanese gamers who have recently bought into Sony’s handheld.  As well as speaking of the potential for NGP and PSP to coexist for the foreseeable future much as the PS2 and PS3 have done?

Now I freely admit that the online translation services could have sold me a dummy and if any of our readers capable of reading Japanese can supply a literal translation in the comments I would be grateful.

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  1. Maybe they are thinking of these being used with PSPhone, and is there any reason they wouldn’t be able to be used with NGP?

    • Exactly. I assume these are 3.5 mm so they should fit with anything. Its not like they’re branded with a PSP logo or desined specially for it. They can be used for anything.

    • No, they have the standard 3.5mm jack so they can be used with anything. But they are being explicitly marketed as PSP accessories that coordinate with the six colours of PSP available.

  2. I think the PSP should continue for as long as people want it. Its for Playstation games on the move and will be low in price. Just keep improving the NCP and keep the cheaper PSP along side it with some mods here and there through out the years.

    • I’d likely trade the PSP towards the NGP, but I won’t be able to play any UMDS…. or Outrun which is a big problem (ToT)

  3. I want them, import?… *undecided

  4. They look much better, any idea if they still have a decibel cap ?

    • Don’t know. The press release doesn’t say anything about it.

  5. grrr, why do companies continue to produce these horrible ‘bud’ earphones? whats wrong with traditional earphones.

    • Exactly.
      I really, really detest them.

      • Really? A mate of mine just got some Sennheiser CX 300 II’s which are ‘bud’ earphones and they’re brilliant, they block out heaps of noise and the sound quality isn’t too far off my open ear HD 555’s. Is it the fit? I do agree that they take some getting used to.

  6. If you advertise you listening to a PSP you won’t get mugged for your iphone!

  7. what do they do that warrants a 17 quid price tag?

    i can get a pair of those type of headphones for a quid, now i’d expect the sony ones to sound better, but 17 quid better?
    the one pound pair sound ok to me.

    • For 17 quid you get colour coordination and a chance to reveal your inner PlayStation fanboy/girl. :-)

    • A quid? Wow. I guess sound quality doesn’t mean much to you. They look like rebranded Sony Fontopia headphones and they’re very good quality (and also come in around the £18 mark).

      You sound like such a miserable git sometimes, you know that? :-(

  8. I get through about 3 or 4 pairs of earphones a year (I pay about £10-12 each time) so these are very tempting, although I dont particularly like these type, i prefer the bigger more oval earphones. I do like the look of them though but would I get blue black or silver! The choice is too hard!

  9. I want the blue ones but I hope they’re bassy but for less than £20, I highly doubt.

  10. Pretty cool.

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