Ace Combat Assault Horizon ‘The Shark’ Trailer

Fresh off the news from yesterday that Ace Combat Assault Horizon would be hitting EU shelves on October 14th, a new trailer for said game has been released by Namco. This video gives you a quick glimpse of what appears to be the primary antagonist, a fellow that carries the alias, ‘The Shark’.

Have a look at the trailer, prepare your harpoon sidewinder missles, and get ready for October.

Source: YouTube via Game Informer



  1. Ohhh, can’t wait! The game looks awesome1

  2. Good trailer, great beard.

  3. Pfft. He’s no Solo Wing Pixy. The traitorous swine.

  4. Lovely trailer. They really seem to have taken the franchise in an exciting new direction. Can’t wait to see how it turns out.

  5. I will be getting this as my first Ace Combat game since PS1! Really enjoyed it even with the disc swap :)

  6. Looks cool but i think i could easily get bored with Ace Combat.

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