Free To Play, PS3 Exclusive Ace Combat Infinity Trailered

Ace Combat Infinity is not only a PS3 exclusive game, but also be free to play.


The new trailer, embedded above, doesn’t show anything much more than jets, EMPs and explosions, along with an overbearing sense of impending doom, which ends on “We’re ready to commence attack operations against Stonehenge.” Let’s hope that’s codename for an enemy and not the treasured prehistoric monument.

Ace Combat Infinity will feature co-operative play and release at some point this year, though no date has been confirmed.

Source: YouTube



  1. The structure in the background when he says Stonehenge does look a bit round and stone’y

  2. Sold !!! I spy the aerial battleship from ace combat6 . I hope they price the planes at a resona le price “fear my SU37”

  3. Dammit, the Ace Combat series ruined and stupid me was thinking they could actually go back to how great AC games were at the PS2 era.
    The “I don’t want to live on this planet any more” pic should be added here :(

  4. This should be good, however I bet they’ll ruin it by making you pay for the decent aircraft, and you’ll be limited to just a couple of free ones.

  5. I love the way the Japanese subtitles have exclamation and question marks on the end.

  6. All very Ace Combat 4-ish. Stonehenge was a weapon from Ace Combat 4 (Distant Thunder/Shattered Skies, depending on region), which was made up of several towers surrounding a central block – like at the end of the trailer (in the background at 1:03). The intro to AC4 also had the whole “fallen skies” with an asteroid hitting the planet prior to the game beginning, even as far as having a crater forming a crescent shaped cove on an island, like the one at 0:23.

  7. I like the idea of F2P games and don’t mind paying for content as it costs to make the games, but it can get really expensive.

  8. If I get to kill druids at Stonehenge I’ll snag this day one, for sure.

  9. Stonehenge was the superweapon from acecombat 4 (Shattered Skies). If this I as good as AC4 then it’s a must have for me.

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