Fallout: New Vegas Gets ‘Honest Hearts’ Expansion

Bethesda has announced the second piece of DLC for Fallout New Vegas. Titled ‘Honest Hearts’, the DLC is “an expedition into the unspoiled wilderness Utah’s Zion National Park.”

Unfortunately this trip goes a bit wrong and your caravan is ambushed by a tribal raiding band and you have to find a way back to the Mojave.


The DLC will be out on Xbox LIVE and Steam on May 17th and on the PSN at the earliest possible date.


Source: YouTube



  1. Going to wait and get all these together. Not going to get burned paying £7 a pop when I can get them all with discount on a disc for £30.

    • me too. i also did it with fallout 3, i ended up picking it for like £20 with all the dlc, you cant go wrong really.

      • I got Fallout 3 GOTY for £15 about 6 months ago and have just traded it for £8.That’s after 100+ hours.Great value.

      • I just sold my copy of GOTY for 15 on play

    • I’m going to wait till Fall Out 4 comes out and Bethesda dish out the dlc for free via PS+ in a smart marketing move to drum up interest.

    • Should have done this. I pre-ordered it and played it for about an hour, but due to other gaming priorities it’s been on the shelf since then, and looks like it’s gonna stay there a while.

  2. The trophies have been on my PSN account for about 2 weeks now……. whenever it updated last :)

    • by PSN I meant PS3, and by trophies obviously I mean their still locked :P

      • I think trophies are updated with the game updates.

  3. Awesome, I can’t wait to get back playing this. Loving the DLC so far

  4. Something good?

  5. i love this game :) but havnt really played it enough yet, still need to get fallout 3 considering i have all the DLC for it

  6. The job lot for ten quid soon enough.

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