New Zelda 3DS Details Emerge

Nintendo have said a couple of times that they’ll be enhancing and adding to the 3DS version of Ocarina of Time, out next month, to take it above and beyond what the N64 original offered.  This, we were told, was in addition to the updated graphics and better user interface, and whilst they’ve already clearly delivered on the latter two, it was the brand new features that were shrouded in more mystery than the Water Temple.

A few new snippets of information hit the net yesterday from updated previews, though, which start to explain what these new features might be.  The big one appears to be related to the Sheikah Stones – like the Gossip Stones that populated Hyrule in the original version.  These have been massively updated in what they offer, the rather vague hints the first time around are now links to visions, designed to show key elements of the game ahead in video format.


Rather than spoil any puzzles, though, these visions are brief, and just show areas that you’ve already explored – they’re for long-term fans of the game (as a memory refresher) as much as they are for newbies, who will gain minor information boosters from being able to see what’s still to be found in each location.  You’ll be able to see any vision from any Sheikah Stone, apparently, once you’ve ‘activated’ that area.

Aside from this, what other new features have been added?  Well, it looks like the Water Temple will be easier, with coloured paths being added that point to the switch locations to make traversing the game’s trickiest temple a little easier.  In addition, specific doors will be made more obvious by surrounding them with a coloured border.

You’ll also have heard about the Boss Rush mode, a brand new addition.  In the main game Link will be able to re-battle any boss already defeated (you’ll need to head back to Kokiri Forest and sleep to do this though) but there’s also a full sequential battle mode which is unlocked when you defeat each boss again.  Sadly, and this is something that most of the current 3DS games suffer from, there’s no online leaderboards for the Boss Rush mode, so it’s purely for your own amusement – a shame, in our opinion.

Finally, the Master Quest mode requires the original game to be completed first, and will be mirrored.

You can read our preview of the game right here.



  1. This is currently the only game that makes me want a 3DS, and it’s doing a great job at it…

    • Oh, and the new features seem clever. I guess there will be diehard fans of the original hating the n00b-watertemple, but it’s nice how they made it easier without changing the layout.

  2. Got my preorder in, they sound like good additions. The lack of online is a real pity though, it isn’t as if we can even expect it to be patched in later.

  3. I refuse to buy a 3DS. Waste of money, terrible battery life and I have an iphone and ds that offer mobile gaming.
    Zelda is really starting to tempt me though…

    • Waste of your money. For my money it’s great. And i’ve got an andriod, an iPad and a DSi that offer mobile gaming.

      I still think it’s silly to compare iOS games to full retail games. Point and click adventure games and puzzle games are perfect for iDevices, but i prefer buttons when shotting and knifing my way through bad guys. And since the DS wont be supported much longer, good luck with that.

      • My Point is I really can’t justify buying ANOTHER hand held gaming device for £200, but Zelda really is close to being enough.
        In reply to i devices – compare Plants v Zombies between iphone and ds. One I paid 59p and took 1 minute to buy from my house, one costs £30 and involves me spending 30+ mins of my life traveling to a shop and back.
        I think the hand held world is a changin’

    Ocarina is one of my, if not, my favourite game of all time. Give me Super Mario 3DS and Mario Kart aswell and thats me sorted for gaming 2011.

  5. The better title will give the 3d the lift it needs great move!

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