Modern Warfare 3 Spoilerised!

Stop reading now if you like to keep an air of mystery in your Modern Warfare. Thanks to some strange dealings or peculiar good fortunes, Kotaku has got what it calls an “Exclusive” on Modern Warfare 3. What it actually appears to be is some stolen information that has been leaked out to them via various unnamed third parties.

According to the “gamer’s guide”, Modern Warfare 3 starts moments after the cliffhanger ending of Modern Warfare 2 and takes players around major cities like New York, London and Paris to engage in large scale battles. They say that the game will feature around 15 missions in the single player mode, which again takes shape as a series of disjointed missions played through the eyes of various characters (including returning characters). The game supposedly begins with a surprise russian invasion of Manhattan and reaches its climax in Dubai.


The multiplayer side of things is said to include as many as 20 maps (although some might be planned for DLC release) and feature all the usual modes and systems with a couple of new additions like a survival mode that sees characters take on waves of increasingly strong enemies.

Those are the – already quite spoiler filled – key points but in addition, Kotaku have posted what amounts to the entire design document for the single player campaign’s level structure and progression. We won’t post that here but if you’re keen to know what’s possibly going to happen in a game before you play it then feel free to click through and read all the spoilers you could want.

Source: Kotaku



  1. From what I read it sounds just as bonkers hippity-hoppity-nonsense as MW2… Which means it’ll be 10s all around, then.

    • despite all the locations and twists i have to say i think it sounds kind of dull :/

    • Sounds good to me, a nice range of settings. Not too pleased with what they have done to London though, not sure if I’m allowed to say why, spoilers and all that!

  2. If anyone does read the full list of spoils, don’t be a d!ck and post them anywhere near TSA, ta.

    • Having seen the stuff Kotaku have got their grubby mits on this is a MAJOR leak. They have audio and picture assets aswell as top secret plot points. IWs security must be worse than Sonys. Dear o dear.

  3. Wasn’t me.

    • I was just thinking: We’ve got an ex colleague on the inside, how the hell are Kotaku getting these scoops before us?!
      I’m watching you, Cash *glares*

      • do you want me to “question” him? I suspect he stole most of the TSA stationary just before he resigned.;OPI’m onto Lee!

    • I don’t read Kotaku.

  4. Had a look at the list of locations and they all look wicked. Deffo will be bagged.

  5. R

    • is that your rating? “Rated R for violence, language and drug references”
      Actually, I should have that on a t-shirt.

      • It’s either that or he’s a pirate & is pleased.

    • What the hell happened there? Anyway, back to what I was saying;

      I’ve read the list, and the alledged storyline(this could be bolloxs for all we known) and already I can see problem in the plotline. I won’t say what, as I don’t want to ruin the surprise for anyone buying it,but it just sounds ridicious.

  6. Awwww snap… through it, and have a good idea whats gunna happen…..Now to forget :(

    • I find it impossible to forget spoilers. Heard a spoiler for a TV show I enjoy a few days back while I had a song stuck in my head. Now, everytime I hear that song, I’m reminded of the spoiler, kind of sucks.

      • please don’t re-post plot spoilers in the comments – they appear on the front page and might be seen by anyone wanting to avoid them ~ cb

      • Don’t post anything, there’s no need.

        People who don’t mind can read it themselves and for people who want to keep things fresh – its not like they can avoid it when its written directly in their field of view.

      • I wasn’t going to mention any specific spoilers though? I was just saying that I heard some.

  7. I liked the single player on MW2 and especially SPECIAL OPS. I hope it has something like that with this so called survival mode. Not really interested in the online much.

    • Spec Ops is back, survival mode is in addition.

      • Hmm, I did have hours of fun playing spec ops with friends, so might get it for that. Now I haven’t read the spoilers, but I’m guessing the plot is as thick and delicate as the second game, too bad. What happened to the guy who wrote the first one? It was excellent!

  8. Glad its going to be MW3 though, was dreading a game based on GHOST

  9. i just can’t belive Vader was Lukes father

    • i see dead people

    • Love this comment!

    • Fun fact: No one (apart from Lucas, Hammill, James Earl Jones (Vaders voice-actor), and perhaps one of the writers if my memory serves me right, Hammill got to know just before the scene was shot), knew that Vader would be Luke’s father until the film premiered. The actor playing Vader (David Prowse) actually said that Obi-Wan killed his father, but Hammill was told to not listen to what he said and do what Lucas told him to (act as if he said “I’m your father”) while shooting the scene. This was done to keep the important plot point a secret. :-)

      • The good old days of keeping things secret!

  10. Sounds interesting, but I’ve sworn off COD after MW2. There are too many other good games, but they at least might have an air of uniqueness about them.

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