Snog Kate Middleton Via Kinect

Friday, my favourite day of the week. Not because the weekend is imminent but because Friday is ‘Weird Press Release Day’.

Today’s bonkers news comes from Yoostar Entertainment and details a free piece of DLC for the Xbox 360 version of Yoostar 2.

“This free download is a very special and unique offering to our community,” said Nicholas Reichenbach, Chief Content Officer.

The DLC, which you should file neatly under ‘I can’t believe they have done that’, takes place on the balcony of Buckingham Palace and allows you to replace either Kate or Will with yourself during their world famous kiss. You can then share the video of you snogging the future monarch on YouTube.


As Buck Palace is pretty much next door to my office I have just opened the window and asked the Queen what she thought of the DLC.

‘We are not amused,’ said her Maj, whilst a sign in Prince Harry’s bedroom simply reads ‘ROFL!’

The DLC will also be available for the PS3 when the PSN comes back online.

Rumours that Yoostar Entertainment are to release a second DLC pack which will allow you to superimpose your face on to Pippa Middleton’s arse have yet to be confirmed.

Source: Press Release



  1. WTF

    That is all

  2. Lol thats insane. Swap Kate with her sis and we might have a deal ;)

    • You’re joking…. she’d snap like a Twiglet in any sort of serious embrace.

      • LOL

      • Agreed, I don’t know who these women think are impressing with their skeleton figures…she needs to eat a pie or three, and not throw it back up!

    • I’d rather have Kate

      • Me too hunter, I don’e really see what all the fuss is about with Pippa!

    • you know apparently pippa was offered 3 million pounds to be in a porn film…

  3. “Rumours that Yoostar Entertainment are to release a second DLC pack which will allow you to superimpose your face on to Pippa Middleton’s arse have yet to be confirmed.”

    That will beat Kate – some competition there.

  4. *buys the game* *closes curtains*

  5. I’m buying Kinect asap xD

    Kate is hot! Pippa however isn’t, I don’t why people go on about her :/ She has a nice a*s, that’s it.

    • so you wouldn’t then? ;-)

      • Mate, it needs panel-beating but go for the main prize. With Kate you get the chance to pilfer all sorts of top-end jewellery to pay for your impending escape from the UK. ;)

      • I hope there’s a cheat code to ‘unlock’ Pippa & Kate.. we’d find out who’s best then!

      • I was reading this at the same time there was a comment in the ‘recent comments’ sidebar which said “Just jizzed…everywhere :P”

        Although that was to do with Starhawk, it would fit in just as well here

      • Pippa? Nah.

        Kate? Hell Yeah. I love brunette women and she is pretty :P

      • I love how blokey you guys are trying to be. It’s like when Kelly Brook broke up with her ex and all the fat, bald, FHM readers are like ‘yeah now I’ve got a chance’.
        Pippa Middleton is still hot and way out of any of our leagues!

    • What with Kate being royalty now – would you kiss her ring? :)

      • Get there before Prince Philip does.

      • Yes, yes I would. Both rings.

      • I’ll give it a good spit and clean

      • Bilbo – oh dear god! I needed that laugh. *golf claps*

  6. ha ha, love the last line lol..

    • Lol. Im trying soo hard to keep my laughter in at my uni lecture.

  7. Why???

  8. I’d rather go for Sienna Miller, AND she’s just got £100,000 more, just for using the phone…!

  9. WTF?*backs slowly away*

  10. This should be entitled “Still nothing for Kinect”

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