“Two Full Desks” Cut From L.A. Noire

We told you last week that L.A. Noire had a sizable amount of content cut from the game due to size restrictions. What we didn’t tell you was exactly how much was cut, because at the time we didn’t know. We’re still not entirely certain but thanks to an interview Team Bondi founder, Brendan McNamara, did with 1UP, we now have a better idea.

According to Brenden, the amount of content cut is very large.


“…we’ve got two full desks — burglary and bunko (aka ‘fraud’) — that never made it into the game, so we’ve been thinking about those and whether we’ll do them. We’re actually working on a new project idea now, so we’re kicking that around as well.”

Interesting stuff. If memory serves, “desks” refer to the divisions of the LAPD you’re working within at a given time, and according to a trailer Rockstar released a while back, there are only a handful of them in the complete game to begin with . I’m just guesstimating but it seems like there’s the potential for very large expansions here. Maybe even more than we got with GTA IV.

Finally, his last bit about “a new project idea” is also intriguing. When I think of a new project, I think of an entirely new game, but the interview was published during an L.A. Noire preview so maybe there’s even more up their sleeve than we can imagine. Time will tell.

Source: 1UP



  1. PS3 – one disc! :D

    • Yeah they should make them a ps3 exclusive by doing some quick deals with Sony.

      • Good idea, I imagine Sony would really be looking for ways to create (perceived) value at the moment, I guess it’s too late now though.

  2. that’s what happens if you start developing a game with the PS3 in mind :)

    • Just like Final Fantasy 13, though it was crammed in to 2 discs and had ‘optimization’ for the xbox.

  3. Oooo man I can’t wait to play this game. No online aspect, so no problem. They might release the first DLC for free, like they did for RDR, which will be brilliant.

    • On a totally unrelated piece of news, Starhawk has officially been announced. SP campaign will be included, but the main focus will be the MP side of things.

  4. Dlc incoming when it could have remained free if the 360s limitations werent in the way.

    • YOu don’t honestly believe that do you? They’d have still found some way to charge extra for it. Theoretically, they could have had it as a free downloadable patch for 360 users and included it on the disk for PS3 users, but they didn’t. They clearly intended to charge for it the minute they realised it would have been a problem. Little acorns!

      • Yeah, they could have made it free, but why would they?
        Crazy to give something for nothing really, especially when the game is already huuuuge (reportedly) to begin with!

      • Well I can see Sony being A’okay about free DLC but M$, they told valve that they are only willing to give out one free DLC. sony have already stated that it will all be free for ps3 users.

        seems like M$ dont like generous developers…

      • @JayJay119 In R* defence their DLC is huge and worth the money they charge. You’re basically buying a whole new game, considering you can beat an entire FPS game in the amount of time it takes to play R* DLC but for only a 1/4 of the price.

      • @xdarkmagician: Oh, don’t get me wrong I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, I only object to material being cut out of the game when the game as it stands is lacklustre in terms of length, which LA Noire doesn’t sound to be in the slightest. I’m just pointing out that there would have always been some sort of DLC.

      • I’m with you on that, in all fairness I now realize my comment should have been directed at everyone above :)

      • It wouldn’t have been dlc, it would have been part of the original game if it weren’t yet another game getting watered down for us PS3 users because of the xboxs limitations.

      • @ uuuhh, At some point they have to stop making the game, lol. And I highly doubt they stopped because the 360 had 3 full dvds. I mean you’ve already shipping 3 dvds so why not ship 4. In all actuality they probably started to run out of space on the BD and that’s why they stopped.

      • “In all actuality they probably started to run out of space on the BD and that’s why they stopped.”
        Why stop when they could use the 50GB disc instead?

    • they were always planning dlc, cases that “felt more like strong stand-alone episodes” and wouldn’t relate to the main storyline , but two ‘desks’ sounds like two pretty long periods of time that would surely affect the main story arc, no? I hate to think i’d be missing out on the story until the dlc comes out

  5. I thought that they had to cut out two models of a desk.:P I hope Rockstar are generous and release it for free.Seeing as it has managed to fill a 50GB bluray disc, i won’t mind if they annouce DLC on release as i know that it would be stuff that was not able to fit onto the disc without having it on two blurays.

    • It fills an entire SINGLE layer blu-ray disc (25GB)

      • Yeah cause if you think about it the 3 DVDs could be around 25GB so there would be another 25GB to go on the dual layer BD

  6. I think if LA Noir sells like RDR we’ll get free DLC, and something we’ll have to buy like the undead nightmare shorty after. But if it under performs we’ll probably only see some trailers for GTAV.

    • OMG an undead nightmare type add on yes please! :D

      It’ll probably do as well as RDR coz, like RDR it’s like GTA but a different setting.

  7. I say you should do them, more game for me to play :)

  8. well its a shame things were cut but hey there’s so much in this game anyway it’ll be a sin to miss out on. does anyone know if it has multiplayer by the way? i’m on psn so there’s no rush replying

    • I was under the impression that it was a solely singleplayer affair.

  9. Poor decision to cut stuff, the Xbox is bringing us down!

    • To be fair, Sony could have jumped in there and said ‘here’s a few bob to keep that bit on the disk just for us’ but they didn’t so Sony are the ones to blame here, not Microsoft.

      • So Sony is to blame since they don’t buy their stuff like another company i don’t want to mention yeah right

      • If Sony did that, they’d have to pay Rockstar the entire profit they’d lose from the Xbox version… as Microsoft will not allow a game on their system if it is significatly inferior to the PS3 version.

  10. Bunko is my new favourite word!

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