Mortal Kombat DLC And Patch Coming Soon

Ed Boon, the co-creator of Mortal Kombat, released some new details today regarding MK9 DLC. It sounds like a few problems that we mentioned are going to be addressed very soon. An exact date was not provided.

According to Boon, Skarlet will be available as a playable character within the next month. It was also teased that there will be some “free stuff” included. In addition to that, certain characters will receive balance tweaks to go along with the new content. Thankfully, NetherRealm Studios is actually going to release patch notes this time around on the official MK website. It’s nice to know that the developers are listening to some of our concerns.


If you aren’t aware, today is day one of the official PDP Mortal Kombat 9 National Tournament in Las Vegas. The prize pool for the tournament is a whopping $21,000 for the top 8 competitors. The first place winner will go home with $10,000. The entire event is being live streamed by Team Spooky. Be sure to check it out if you want to see some high level Mortal Kombat action.

Source: PDP MK9 Tournament via archived interview



  1. Absolutely loving this game!

  2. its pretty good that they are going to balance the game. a few of the characters are a bit too cheap.

  3. shao kahn brought me to tears. shoulder hit,shoulder hit, spear, spear, hammer throw, xray then dead without getting one hit in.

    • Keep your distance, duck his spears, and when he stops to taunt you, get him with a projectile of some kind! DONE!!

    • Keep jumping over his head and uppercut him.

      • Dull but it works. Did it myself for all the characters haha.

    • Then he points your finger at you and growls “That was pathetic”!

      • To which you reply with an uppercut to the face.

  4. Patchality!

  5. I’ve been enjoying it immensely, the story mode was amazing!

  6. Hoping that Kenshi will be available to download soon, too. Really loving Mortal Kombat, and will hopefully get some online victories at last with the PSN back up.

    • Yeah, there was no mention of Kenshi. Boon only named Skarlet specifically.

    • This is the best my win ratio will ever be. 0 wins 0 losses 0 draws

  7. I just can’t wait to get online with this game. I’ll probably get my ass kicked but fighting the AI is really starting to get old.

  8. My Wish List:
    Bo Ri Cho
    an Mokap…Yes thats a long list but who cares hundreds of people would buy these if they were really in a dlc

    • My wish list: Blaze, Cyber Smoke, Chameleon, possibly Khameleon

  9. Would be keen to watch some of the tournament matches. What time are they streamed in the UK?

    • Top 16 starts at 12pm PST. I suck with timezones so it might be best to look it up lol

      • Cool, so that would be 8pm GMT I think!

    • i watched some last night. most people arnt that good really but some of them pull off some amazing kombos.

  10. My kung fu is strong!!!

    • Mine isn’t :-(

      • it came to me at the hour of 2 this morning….!! im not looking forward to getting the “Stronger” its gtonna take forever..

      • Already given up on that one, not realistically achievable unless you leave your ps3 on like some people I know have been doing!

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