Darkspore Heading To PS3 & Xbox?

Back in July last year Alice: Madness Returns (console & PC) and Darkspore (just the PC version) were announced and dutifully reported on TSA by yours truly.

“It is a good bet that the final title, “Spore Title TBA” for PS3 and Xbox is going to be Darkspore.”

“I could be terribly wrong and if it turns out to be ‘Lego Spore’ or ‘Rock Band Spore’ I apologise in advance and promise to eat one of my awesomely fashionable hats, ” said , well, me.

My awesomely fashionable hats are safe, it seems, as internet supersleuth superannuation has uncovered the CV of a certain Naked Sky Entertainment level designer.


According to the CV the designer “worked with Maxis to modify Darkspore for release on Xbox/PS3”.

The  CV has now been replaced with a link for Nyan Cat so it seems there must be some truth in the leak.

If you’ve never heard of Nyan Cat the video is below although do be warned: once you have clicked you will be humming the tune for ages.

Source: Superannuation



  1. Loving the video. and um, cool news?

  2. Ah, Nyan Cat. That’s what the inside of my head looks like and is actually my most played game on the iPhone. Simple pleasures.

  3. Hate! Hate! Hate! That stupid f***ing CAT!!!

  4. Hate! Hate! Hate! That stupid f***ing CAT!!!

  5. When i clicked to check out the video i was like wtf is this, by 00:50 in to the video i found my head bopping to the song, by 01:40 i was dancing around my living room…well not really dancing but your right it is a hell of a catchy song.

  6. Love the video tuffcub :)

  7. *likes the video

  8. That was just awful, in every way shape and form. GCSE IT project, right?

  9. Hmm darkspore for PS3, that might tempt mNYAN NYAN NAAA NAYNA NA NA NAYN!

  10. Which reminds me, I listened to nyan.cat for over two hours once. had to turn it off when my ears started to hurt.

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