First Gotham City Impostors Artwork Released

The first piece of artwork has been released for the newly announced Gotham City Impostors, and I’m going to let you make your own mind up about it!

It’s certainly a different take on the Batman universe, that’s for sure.


No release date has been set yet, but we shall keep you posted. What do you think of it?

Source: CVG



  1. ….wtf? lol

  2. Reminds me of Mystery Men.

  3. Huh… Yeah, certainly is a very different take… Still holding out my judgement until we see more from this, but I’m still not sure about it being an FPS…

  4. If this were to represet the Batman universe I wouldn’t like it one bit. Lucky it’s not.

  5. Still contend that you can’t have people siding with Batman and wielding guns.

    • That’s because you think Batman is real. It isnt, you can do anything you like with the franchise.

      • No, I just think that fiction should stick to its internal rules. That’s how you make stories that make sense.

      • Didn’t the vigilantes in the beginning of Dark Knight have guns?

      • Yeah, and Bats wasn’t all too pleased was he?

  6. Wonder if this is going to be more like a team fortress style game by looking at the art design?

    • thats what I thought, also is that a Batgirl too?

      • Yes. Hardly shocking, there’s a Batgirl (two sort of) and a Batwoman right now (there’s been several Batgirl’s since the 60s).

  7. Looks shit, but I guess that’s why it’s ‘imposters’. Fat blokes in Batman costumes.

    • Harley’s looking fine…

      • Indeed she is ;)

      • Batgirl also seems to have a nice body. The head looks slightly male-ish though…

  8. Those characters look very “team fortress”-like…

  9. Wut?

  10. Looks a bit Camp and slapstick.

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