Gotham City Impostors Free DLC Brings Arkham Asylum

I’m as confused as you are. Gotham City Impostors is the Batman game that doesn’t feature Batman. Arkham Asylum was the Batman game that features a lot of Batman. Now, those two worlds collide, kind of – it’s not really the same Arkham Asylum map as Rocksteady’s grim portrayal. And there’s still no Batman.

God, my mind aches. Here’s a trailer for the free Arkham Asylum map coming to Gotham City Impostors.

Source: YouTube



  1. Doesn’t look like Arkham Ayslum and it is a bit weird seeing it in daylight.

    But i admit, i’ve only seen AA in Rocksteady’s game so i don’t have that much to go on. :) Wonder if there will be camoes of certain inmates?

  2. I hate this game.

    • really? I’ve never tried it but heard a lot of good reports.

  3. It’s great fun, but suffers seriously problems with consistent disconnecting issues, or as some of us on TSA know it as – “Doing An Awesomenauts”…

    • haha ” doing an awesomenauts ” amazing :)

    • The servers clearly couldn’t handle our badass team ;-)

  4. That was trailer was quite entertaining.

    This game? Pretty much awesome – there’s a reason I featured it in CPCG.

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