Gotham City Impostors Beta Hands On

I track my prey from a rooftop as he runs along the street towards the battery. Silently I jump from the roof and glide, choosing the perfect moment to strike him from above. After I stun my target, I feel like Batman. When I fill my target with bullets that feeling disappears, but it’s replaced with a distinct feeling of fun.

Gotham City Impostors is easily described as a Batman themed, multiplayer FPS. Obviously the main inspiration is Batman but gameplay wise it’s quite reminiscient of Team Fortress 2, as well as the Call of Duty series.

The Beta has two game modes available, Fumigation and Psych Warfare. There’s also Intiation, but that’s just a tutorial to help you to get to grips with the game’s array of weapons and gadgets. The game features a nice array of these but they have to be unlocked by completing certain challenges.

[drop]Fumigation has three “Gasblasters” that the teams must capture and defend. Each canister a team captures helps to fill a team’s meter; once a team’s meter reaches 100% a match ending attack occurs which grants victory to the successful team.

Psych Warfare plays more like a capture the flag type mode. There’s a battery which both teams must try to capture and take back to their propaganda machine. Achieving that goal will make your opponents vulnerable for a short period of time, allowing you to go on the offensive.

Both modes require teamwork and, from my own experience, I’ve noticed teams losing because everyone was trying to be a lone wolf and not paying attention to the team’s needs; in fact if you’re used to acting by yourself in multiplayer games you may find the game frustrating. Luckily each team I joined quickly banded together and worked towards our common goal.

The Gotham City Impostors Beta also teases the variety that will be on offer to players through the custom loadouts, calling cards, logos and the look of your characters. You can customise both your Bats and Jokers looks through earning costume coins in game and using those coins to purchase a new item, whilst weapons and weapon add ons are unlocked through climbing the ranks and earning unlock points.

Of course, being a beta there are some bugs. It can take ages to join a lobby or get into a game, today it took me a good ten minutes to find a match. Also, in a Fumigation match one of the Gasblasters was impossible to capture because the game thought that some non-existent opposing players were trying to take it.

It isn’t the most polished looking of games right now, in particular some texture pop-in is present. Hopefully this will be sorted by release.

Minor issues aside, what Gotham City Impostors offers is fun. This is an FPS that doesn’t take itself seriously and works on an absurd idea, where groups of people dress up as Batman or the Joker and fight each other. Just to underline how silly the game is most of the voice acting is ridiculous; the lines uttered when someone takes you down or when you’re shouting orders at your team mates will provoke a giggle or two at the very least.

Gotham City Impostors may not have been on your radar before, but even in a slightly raw form the beta showcases the game nicely and should put it on the wishlist of many. This game really is worth keeping an eye on.

If you need a bit more convincing, Jim has put together a gameplay to whet your appetite.



  1. I’ve been really struggling to get in a game on the beta, as was mentioned above. I’d be willing to have another crack if you reckon it’s worth persevering though.

    • Once you get get into a game it really is fun. Though you may want to go make a cup of tea while you wait.

      • Fair play, if I don’t fatally burst a blood vessel later on when Christmas shopping, I’ll persevere and have a crack.

  2. The game has surprisingly good hit detection. Im actually getting the kills im supposed to and that’s a rare thing in modern day FPS games.

  3. Looks fun and is certainly on my radar now. Is there an estimated release date?

    • January 10th 2012

  4. That gameplay looks fairly mental, like the ramps and trampoline things. Don’t know what the megaphone and being dizzy was all about, but probably because i’ve not play it. Looks cool though!

    • The megaphone is used for healing team mates and I think it’s called a “Motivator.” Nice little gadget.

  5. ive not managed to get a game yet
    came close but the lobby was half full for ages
    shame cos it looks like fun.

  6. Wow that looks cool. Also what the heck was that trippy ‘Slap Kill’ thing towards the end?

  7. Is this a console release? I tried to sign up for the beta when I got Arkham City but couldn’t get the website to work. Looks fun though, mental but fun!

  8. Yeah, when I finally find a game it’s quite good fun but I’ve not had time to understand what’s actually happening by the time I’m there and it’s over so quickly. The graphics are also a little lacklustre but it is a beta as u said

  9. It is insanely fun but you need great teamwork to succeed. Happy to hear I’m not the only one with connection issues and it is widespread issue. Really need to sort that out :/

  10. I put my name down for the Beta but didn’t get an invite. Never mind I’ll have to see what everyone else says about it.

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