City Of Heroes Goes Steampunk

More than seven years after its original launch and Paragon/Cryptic’s City of Heroes is still going strong. During the super-powered MMO’s impressive lifespan we’ve witnessed the introduction of playable villains, UGC mission tools, and even the option to change your allegiance with last year’s release of the “Going Rogue” expansion.


Not long after the game’s anniversary celebrations and NCsoft are now offering players its brand new Steampunk Booster Pack. Set to launch on June 1st for £5.99 more than 60 steampunk-inspired costume options will become available as well as access to several new emotes, auras, and even a new travel power; the Steam Rocket.

Source: Press Release



  1. Hmmm “/

  2. I’ve always kinda been interested in this game, and I’m a sucker for steampunk – so why the hell not.

    • City of Heroes is a brilliant game, though if you have already played a number of newer, more-polished MMOs, it might feel underwhelming.

      • I think I’ve played almost every MMO out there and DAoC (old as hell) and CoH/CoV still have a place in my computer for their installs so i can play them from time to time :P

  3. shame that atari is now ditching cryptic, heres hoping nc soft take them up on it

  4. I loved this but I stopped playing around the time CoV came out due to not being able to afford the monthly fees anymore…shame really.

  5. I gave this a try about 3 or 4 years ago and the most populated UK/European server was pretty much dead most of the time so I gave up on it quite quickly. It was a shame really but there was no point paying a monthly fee and ending up not really playing/trading with anyone else.

  6. Looks cool..

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