Project Cafe Video Leak Is “Pure Speculation”

In what is apparently a ‘private presentation’ of what many are calling Project Cafe, the video below appears to show Nintendo’s next console, set to be revealed at E3 this year.


The video shows the controller with the touch screen embedded, a Wii-esque main console unit and a pointing lady.  In silence.

It looks real enough at first glance, although Nintendo have said the video is “purely rumour and speculation”.



  1. It looks like some sort of University project, but the fact they said its rumor and speculation means its theirs. Can’t wait to see more :D

    • I sent TheSixthAxis shots of this exact SDK and controller weeks ago, maybe now they’ll publish them?

    • how utterly vague and uncertain of anything at all apart from knowing for sure what a red circle looks like. so it must be true!

      • at least know we know the mysterons are real…..

  2. Well if the original 360 looked like a repainted dell PC case, it looks like Nintendo have got their hands on a job lot of Western Digital MyBook cases…

    • Whats shown is an SDK. Devs dont get the final version a console, they basically get the console in a pc case. The console wont look anything like this.

  3. The controller is set out like a 360 one, cant wait to see more come E3 hopefully it will have some games tht might get me intrested this time around.

    • 360 controller rip-off? Pfft! No… the controller on that video looks like it is actually based on the GAMECUBE controller as well as the Classic Controller available for the current Wii console.

      This by itself adds some credibility to the video. Since the Wii2 controller seems to be an evolution of Nintendo past control pads (GameCube & Classsic Wii Controller pads).

      Here’s what a GameCube & a Classic Wii controller looks like side-by-side:

      BTW, everyone knows that MS copied the GameCube face buttons and 2nd analog stick position when they re-designed their original Xbox controller.

  4. Some kids creating a video!

  5. What I only care of is if there will be alot of games at its launch and… wait for it…… a store! and a internet browser!.. the delay of the eShop for the 3DS.. as almost made myself regret buying the 3DS. :(

    For the love of god I hope it doesn’t have a gimmick that will force Ubisoft to release another version of any Rayman game even poor ports from any publisher for all I care.

  6. I really hope the controller does not look like that. Surely it’s fake.

  7. Would be cool to play some classics on that built in screen of the controller…

  8. That’s gotta be real.

  9. could be real, look how news of the existence of the machine slipped out.
    just a few more weeks till we find out i guess.

  10. 0.35 Nice rack ;)

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