Rumour: ‘Wet 2’ Cancelled

Rumours are circulating around the net this morning that the sequel to ‘Wet’ may have been cancelled. The talk started after Siliconera reported that a LinkedIn profile for a former Behaviour Interactive employee listed Wet 2 as cancelled. Apparently there was also another employee still currently working for Behaviour that lists it as a past project.

When questioned about this news, Wet’s publisher, Bethesda, told Joystiq, “We are not publishing Wet 2.”

This isn’t really a surprise, if you think about it. Wet was not met with overwhelmingly positive critisism, nor did it achieve big numbers at retail. Although we’re still tagging this as a rumour, it seems like a safe bet that this news is likely true.

Source: SiliconeraJoystiq



  1. Poor Eliza Dushku… everything she’s involved with gets canceled.

    • I’d be willing to let her get involved with me, if we need a volunteer to test that theory.

  2. I liked Wet, what a bummer. A sequel could have been excellent.

    • It’s true – The first one wasn’t fantastic, but the stylised violence was great & it was solid enough to play through & get to the end.

      I for one am a bit disappointed by this news as a refined control system, a bit of a boost to graphics & some interesting slow-mo battles could have made for a great sequel.

  3. I didn’t enjoy Wet as much as I thought I would. The concept was spot on I thought, the execution of it left a little to be desired. However, it was nothing that couldn’t be fixed or forgiven with a well developed sequel.

  4. Wet has been one of the biggest letdowns for me in my history of gaming. The single most repetitive, monotonous experience of my life. For what it was, it doesn’t deserve a sequel.

  5. I wasn’t exactly wet with anticipation for 2nd one :-S

  6. oh no, if i’d known there was a wet 2 in production in the first place the news of it’s cancellation might have been a shock. ^_^

  7. played the demo of the first game, it was the worst game bar Call of duty XYZ that I have played in ages

  8. Hope we get a sequel, I loved the quentin tarantino vibe of the first and the the arcade game play.

  9. Demo was ok, but… it just didn’t seem to work all that well for many people

  10. I’ll pass on this one ;)

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