Carmageddon Website Counting Down

Remember Carmageddon? Inspired by Death Race 2000, the game saw you race against opponents whilst also killing pedestrians in all manner of gruesome ways. Some countries were so outraged by this that the pedestrians were changed to zombies. Lesson learned? You can’t plough through a pedestrian unless they are already dead and trying to snack on your innards.

A countdown has started on, which is due to end on June 1st. Could this be to announce a new game? Or a HD re-release of one of the older games? Either way we will be watching with interest.




  1. Missed this the first time round. Sounds good though!

  2. Odd, there was a thread on GAF asking what had happened to this game. Strange timing, but I guess it’ll be at E3…

  3. Sounds like a game based on 1% of what can be done in any gta to me!

    • Isn’t that like dismissing Hustle Kings, Gran Turismo and Call Of Duty because, after all, you can play pool, race cars and shoot people in GTA.

      • Yeah, remind me why we buy other games?

    • Suppose you could say that for hustle kings, because basing a game around a slight distraction from another game just seems silly. How much can there be to a game where you drive around running people over? Maybe its just me but it sounds like a game that could get very boring very quickly.

      • Again, if you want to be dismissive; GT or Dirt or NFS are just driving around, not even running people over. You really ought to at least look into it a bit before making a snap judgement

  4. Carmageddon was a brilliant game. I remember carrying the blood patch round on a floppy disk at school, dishing it out to all my mates in turn.

    You know in Germany even zombies was too violent so there you had these crappy non-humanoid robots that exploded in a pool of oil.

  5. There was also Carmageddon 64…lest we forget.

    • That was part of the cashing in period that killed the series.
      The core games Carmageddon, The Splat Pack, C2 and TDR2000 were brilliant, all the spin offs and console conversions were awful.

  6. By the way, I just noticed the subtitle to this article. Bravo sir *slow clap*

    • it’s a bit of a cartastrophe alright. ^_^

  7. I remember Carmageddon, there were zombie cows too!

  8. Loved these games originally. Was great the way you could win each round either by completing the circuit, or just destroying the opposition. Hope this doesn’t turn into one of these games that’s better the way you remember it than actually playing it

    • agreed, one of my favouite games ever, not sure i want to go back to it now though.

  9. Great game. There was supposed to be a release in 2005 but it was cancelled, hopefully it won’t be a rehash of that.

  10. Just like GTA, I don’t think I ever progressed any further through the single player than repeating the same early races over and over, killing everything that moved with my friends. Simpler times.

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