Grip Games: “Prepare For Something Epic”

Grip Games have gotten in contact regarding an upcoming PlayStation mini that they are planning to release in July of this year. The only information we have is a link to a teaser site, the fact it will be an original game and PlayStation Network exclusive, a piece of artwork and the promise that the game will be “as epic game as mini games can get”.

That’s a bold claim, and hopefully one that can be delivered.


Source: Press Release



  1. I’m seeing robots, soldiers, aliens, UFO’s, possibly medievil weaponry and a macho lead character with guns. Battle Chess 2011?

  2. I can already tell that this exciting new game from the rather meh Minis libary, is a shooter with crazy amounts of enemies that features Gundams, Japanese Monsters aka Godzilla, Majin Buu,Generic American soldiers, Starships, Death Stars and *breathes* mega toxic generic Zombies with green skin and green glowing eyes to show that they’re badness but low-level enemies.

    Now levels….. city, space, Space Colony Ark and a dark comet which is the source of these evil?

    Oh and the final and most fearsome boss…. the £6.29, price tag! (duh-duh-duuuuuh)


    • Minis are generally under or around £3 aren’t they??

      • A few have been priced at £5.99

      • Really?? Did they actually sell?? I know I would be a bit put off of paying for a mini that was effectively the same price as a full-blown PSN title!

      • I feel ripped off paying the normal price for them. They are the kind of thing you can play on the internet for free.

  3. The reinstatement of the Playstation Store?

    • Hopefully, I can’t wait oddly

  4. blackadder called, he wants his schtick back.

    anyway, i’m thinking a time travel twin stick shooter, kind of like age of zombies.
    but not with zombies.
    or at least not exclusively zombies.

  5. prepare for something… mediocre

  6. Colour me excited.

    • I’ll settle for red and white stripes.

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