The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Getting Limited 5th Anniversary Edition

Still rated as one of the most in-depth experiences you can buy, it’s looking like Bethesda is getting set to release a special 5th anniversary edition of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

Coming with the game, Collector’s Edition Content (map, ‘Making Of’ DVD with an added Skyrim trailer), and a $10 Off Coupon for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, the 5th anniversary edition will retail for a price of $30 and be shipped in small quantities.


The launch date is set for the end of June in the US, although there is no word of an EU release yet.

Source: Nitrobeard



  1. Would it have trophies?

    • That’s a good point…did the original PS3 game?

      • Nope, it’d be a welcome addition.

      • Nope, but rereleases tend to get away with it somehow. Case in point, the MW1 & 2 boxset.

      • here’s another point :)… If it does have trophies, (which I think it has to by Sony decree) will they release a trophy patch for the regular version, or will we have to buy the anniversary edition for trophy support?

      • I think the Xbox version had achievements, so it shouldn’t be to difficult to add on trophies. I think. It would be a welcome addition anyway.

    • Does the PC version have anything like trophies?… I don’t see the need, it’ll likely be bugged hehe

  2. Would it still be bugged to hell?

    • Wasn’t really bugged when I played it the PS3.

      • Really? Seemed to set the tone for Fallout 3 for me, random crashes, getting stuck on invisible objects, mission completions failing to trigger. Still enjoyed the story, mind! I’m guessing that on the ‘making of’ DVD, they skip over the bit where they tested it…

      • I don’t know, I never really had a problem with it but Fallout 3 was pretty bad with alot of saves.

    • … and back.

  3. The Witcher 2 came with these kinds of goodies and even more in the regular-price version on day 1. Got it for 26 Pounds from

  4. I’d actually be pretty interested in this IF it contained the dlc that never made it to the ps3, also considering it had ms achievements you’d think trophies would be pretty easy to implement

  5. I’m currently playing through it, brilliant game, not had any bugs until I got turned into a bloody vampire lol!

    There’s a bug that stops you completing the quest, I found a fix in witch I had to change my PS3 setting to German and do the last part of the quest like this, it solved the bug and I changed back to English, possibly the weirdest bug I’dve ever seen!

  6. I put in 150 hours into the game (still never completed it), waaaaaaay back when it was 1st released & never encountered 1 bug. Some people must just be unlucky :p

    • oh I encountered a huge ass bug I’m sure you have experienced it as well… ITS CALLED AUTO LEVELING

  7. OHHH you have got to be kidding me they are releasing a limited 5th anniversary edition to a broken ass game? WTF Bethesda just when I was starting to get hyped for skyrim you do shit like this sigh

  8. If it has trophies I’m getting involved! Any excuse to play through it again.


  10. Loved oblivion! will try to get a copy if this comes to europe as my old oblivion disk snapped thanks to my baby cousin ;(

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