MW3 Trailer Is Live

So it’s h3re, the trail3r a lot of you hav3 b33n waiting for. Ok, no more ‘3’ for ‘E’ substitutions, the reveal trailer for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is now live.

Looks exciting, no? World War 3 indeed…

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  1. Inception Style Horns
    Forced Shitty Russian Accent (from Makarov)
    Scenes there to spark Media Interest from Mainstream Press

    Enough to hold my interest, but I am not getting hyped about it yet. I would like to see some actual gameplay.

    But this does the job as a Teaser/Reveal

    • Your criticism is very harsh, “inception style horns” thats just a bit OTT dont you think? :p

  2. I was “meh” until the last 20 seconds. That city view was awesome…

    • Animation looks a few notches up, assuming that’s gameplay.

      • Yeah, the animation looks better, that throw at about 30 seconds in looks great.
        Collapsing building looks nice, too…

      • But even in that part you can tell it’s not finished so hopefully graphical improvement will come. The magazine was boxed off, not texture mapped.

    • Make that the last 5-10 seconds, actually :/

    • Meh is a bit harsh lol, I think it looked good. I probably will only rent it though if game play is short again

  3. Love the WW3/MW3 thing at the end, very cool. Yep, looks like Activision have another massive hit on their hands. Wonder what EA are thinking just now…?

    • Also, judging by the ENGLAND thing, I’m assuming Scotland is safe? Shame, would have loved to battle it out on the Kingston Bridge…

      • They’re probably assuming 3NGLAND = UK.
        Wait, they could’ve done I3RITAIN or UNIT3D KINGDOM.

      • The last person who tried that type of nonsense in Scotland found himself on fire AND beaten up in front of an airport :op

      • LOL!
        Also, it looks like TSA is bleeding because of all of our red banner comments :/

      • Quite. The game could have just been that one chap. I saw him once, at Glasgow Airport. He smiled.

      • You can’t fit 3 into Scotland, thats probably why it was excluded

      • Have we guessed the setting for the next game then… Scotl4nd?

      • Kingston bridge and then down Argyle street would have been epic. With a possible sniper moment from the Science Center tower!!!

      • Hey, if they had included us Irish we could have been in both.


    • Agree, looks great.
      Guaranteed it will play fast too

  4. And Sledgehammer too. Interesting. Calling Kovacs…

    • Wonder if Raven will get in the main credits too?

    • “This is Kovacs. I can’t come to the phone right now. Please leave a message and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Like, November. ”

      • Kovacs, upgraded from already legend status, to a god like figure:)

  5. Jaw dropped when the Sub fired it missiles. Story is epic.

  6. I thought 3 for E was for the F.3.A.R trailer?

  7. Looks great, not as amazing as Battlefield 3 but am pretty sure I will be getting both.

  8. Hmmm, I feel less excited about it now, maybe, or the same I’m really not sure. Looks like an amazing game to play but I can’t be alone in thinking from MW1 to MW2 to this one that it’s become completely alienated in two steps.
    This is in no way within the realms of realistic now, that said I’ll buy it and so will everyone else.
    Why ?
    Because it works and it’s good, maybe better.

    • Does it matter about realism? The story is a Hollywood film makers dream, but in film the bad guys don’t get to drop nukes because it’s too sensitive of a subject.
      I liken MW series to Die Hard, take your brain out and watch everything explode.

      • 100% of me wants to launch a car at helicopter. One hundred.

      • In a vest and no shoes!

      • In anything. I’d just do it, I want that game now….

      • I thought Just Cause was the type? :)

    • Mmm, I agree with you on this one, I’ll admit I only played through MW2, but throughout the entire thing it just felt ridiculous and I just couldn’t engage with the story (worsened by the fact that you play as multiple people). This just looks like they’ve taken that same principle and multiplied it… Doesn’t hold any interest for me…

  9. Certainly peaked my interest but some bits still look pretty shabby. Some great vistas but compared to the likes of KZ3, Crysis 2 and now BF3 it already looks a bit ragged.

    • Defiantly showing it’s age now. But if they can make it cohesive then the story carry the campaign. Although it does matter because the multiplayer will be the first thing the majority of the world go for.

      • Not sure which trailer you were watching then. And have you actually seen any BF3 gameplay or PS3 footage?

      • They’ve released at least 3 Battlefield 3 gameplay trailers and ended up tying them all together in to one 12 minute long clip.

        In fairness, I thought the MW3 trailer looked really good, but then none of it was gameplay footage.

      • I pretty sure the BF3 trailers are all from top spec PCs though, none on PS3s.

      • “none of it was gameplay footage.”
        Really? What about 1.09 -1.15, minus the odd second.(& the mini-gun near the start.) Bring on autumn, is all I want to say.

    • edit, mini-gun at 1.10.
      goosebumps i got from that badboy. (the trailer, not the mini-gun lol.)

  10. Even though I’m tired of the series, this looks good enough and I’m sure will please many.

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