Special Gamestop Gears of War 3 Editions Get A Replica Lancer

Figurines? Meh. Remote controlled cars? Pah. Three and a half foot long replica guns with a blood soaked blade on the end? Oh, go on then! Gamestop in the US has announced that they have three special Gears of War 3 editions to pre-order, and they will come with the replica Lancer pictured above.


For those who don’t want to shell out for the Regular Edition ($140), the Limited Edition ($160.00) or the Epic Edition ($230), the Lancer will be available to buy separately for $100.

Apparently this is being looked at for other regions, so expect a Gears of War 3 branded mug to be available to pre-order soon.

Source: VG247



  1. Seems, quite frankly, a little bit ridiculous… Is it just me or are publishers continually trying to outdo one another with limited edition contents?

    • I agree – I feel £40 is enough for any game, so we should all be entitled to the same content, especially in-game content.

  2. WANT! I will show my airsofting housemate to show him what really is a badass gun

  3. 3 special editions, and both come with a lancer? *Divides by zero*

  4. this’ll be on fox news no doubt.

    mind uou though, i don’t recall them ever having a problem with you chainsawing people in half in the game, yet a shot of a blue arse and it’s a scandal.
    so maybe they’ll just ignore this.

    anyway, i quite liked the chainsaw lancer.

  5. So like Gears 2 coming with a replica lancer then. Still got my gold one (UK isn’t allowed realistic looking guns) at home. Only difference this time is it’s the retro version.

  6. A gun that size would be too heavy and unwieldy in real life *stokes chin*

  7. I find this quite sad. Not unhappy sad, cringeworthy sad. Pew, pew, pew.

  8. I got the epic edition, doubt it’s coming to Ireland. :( Aw well, I’ll go on eBay once no one cares about Gears 3 anymore to purchase this thing. Which could be a long, long time.

  9. just imagine trying to get that through customs

  10. Don’t the guns have chainsaws on them in gears of war 3 then? I thought that was one of the few things that made the series unique. :/

    • The gun above is the Retro Lancer which is new to Gears 3 and has a good old-fashioned bayonet.

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