First MW3 Screenshots Emerge

Amidst a barrage of eyes-on reports, the first screenshots of Activision’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 have emerged.  Whilst the shots aren’t particularly dynamic or exciting, the previews seem to be quite encouraging, commenting on the graphics engine, of course, but also on the relentless torrent of action that the MW series now seems to be sticking with.

VG247 said that what they saw was “heavily, heavily scripted, all-action setpiecing” but came away impressed, with the game continuing straight on from the end of Modern Warfare 2.  The action sounds familiar – clearing enemies from a rooftop and frantic on-rails air battles – and the visuals are slick and running at 60fps, but without any of the dynamic destruction that other FPS games are working with.


Eurogamer called the demonstration “Call of Duty: Shut Up and Hang Onto Something” but said that “if you’re weary at the prospect of funfair ride mechanics – enemies that won’t die until the script renders them vulnerable, barrels which will explode wedged in with barrels that are just scenery – it’s worth remembering that we’re promised more Spec Ops and more Multiplayer.”

It’s business as usual, then – “there’s a real sense of being in the middle of a massive conflict, even as the game’s unshakable pacing mechanisms dole out a mere handful of enemies for you to fight at each turn” – but it’s business that makes sense, and we’re sure that the game will be a success when it launches later this year.  The only elephant in the room, of course, is EA and the behemoth that’s Battlefield 3.

Worth remembering that what we’ve seen so far of DICE’s effort, which is obviously much richer and technically stronger, has all been on high-end PC hardware – the real test will be when we see it running on 360 or PS3.

A great time to be a FPS fan.



  1. All aboard the hype-train….
    Over the next few months I fully expect details to emerge of a ‘controversial mission’. People will be staggered to learn of this mission, will go out and buy it just to see what all the fuss is about. Then, they buy Battlefield 3 /end rant

      • Doesn’t the train get overturned when it hits the van in the trailer? If so it’s hardly a recreation.

      • Oh my word, I missed that one. I just died a little on the inside.

      • why would the daily mail let something like that stop them?

      • Thanks for the link Watchful, its begaun already then, lol then sighs

      • they said “Call Of Duty 3 has not yet received an age certification and shows soldiers running through the streets of London with machine guns while bombs explode and buildings tumble to the ground.

        Read more:

        you kidding me they have no idea about what this game is about call of duty 3 was realeased years ago to begin with bloody egits

      • i knew it. i said it when the teasers came out london would cause a stir. its just another way to get the game attention

      • I’m beginning to think these news stories are being paid for by Activision to build up product awareness.

      • If this was depicted in a movie, the media would be quiet about it. Exploding trains, terrorists & extremists, are part of the of the world we live in unfortunately.(it’s only likely to get worse, not dissapear.) An upcoming documentary (bbc3,) is to show daily lives of a british regiment, incl at least one allied soldier getting shot(not fatally,) put this in a game & it’s branded disrespectful. I remember watching u.s. soldiers closing in, on sadams’ hideout, no doubt same discrimination would apply, if included in a game.

  2. Is there any indiaction what format these screens are from? They could be PC as well?

  3. I know it will have amazing action but i’m just not seeing anything we haven’t had before.

  4. MW must be the only series where people are more eager to slate it than write something good about it. It’s so unbelievably childish – I like BF MW. If you don’t like MW, stop wasting your time writing crap about it.

    • *BF and MW.

      • It becomes frustrating for gamers to keep seeing COD related articles hyping up the game as usual (only for it to not be as good as hyped), which is why they moan, including myself.

      • It gets annoying for people who like CoD to filter through all the hate-posts to read sensible posts. You’ve commented on the last 2 CoD TSA articles – seems like you’re seeking them out, not trying to avoid them.

    • *Not as good has Half-Life

      “(Disclaimer) This user as utterly no experience with modern FPSs and thus will create ridculous statements that will surely create outrage.”

      MW isn’t the only one…. Yes you can say that minorty of people will HATE on Call of Duty but its not the only one… Part of the population dislikes GTA IV like myself.. great game but not as good as San Andreas, many may see Gran Tursimo as boring, New Sonic as good? and Final Fantasy or JRPGS is just a interactive manga or something (Zero Punution or whatever)

      But… yeah its mainly opinion, its everywhere you go be it Music, Movies and books.

      • I realise that, but it gets a bit ridiculous when there are more negative comments than positive ones. If I don’t like a game or don’t think I’ll like it, I don’t flood these comments sections about how shit it seems (even though no one has played it), I just leave it alone.

    • Second this. It gets very tiresome when all we have seen is a teaser trailer and some screenshots, and people have already declared the game to be a massive disappointment and the root of all evil.

      • My favourite is how people claim BF3 is so much better! Really – have you played it then? I’ve not seen any gameplay screenshots of either game that I know has been taken from PS3, let alone gameplay. It’s like the whole Sega is better than Nintendo argument from school (showing my age).

        I’m a fan of games in general including shooters, so I’m looking forward to both games! I’m sure they’ll both offer something different, and have good and bad points.

      • Youles, yes I selectively seek out all COD articles and make a comment, just to annoy people like you…
        For your information I read nearly all the posts and leave a comment on most of them. Check your facts boyo.

  5. oh christ the hype train has started. I think I might have to ignore all articles relating to COD from now on. I remember last year they released a trailer with the water level in first off. These pictures aren’t that great either in my opinion.

    • There’s only so far they can improve the engine from where it already is. It looks to me like they’ve give the lighting engine a good overhaul, in particular. There was also talk that the animation looked better in the trailer.

      However, whatever they do, they’re still running at 60 frames per second, versus the more usual 30 frames, and as a consequence at a less than 720p resolution. They’re simply going down a different path than the rest of the industry in the name of perfectly smooth gameplay.

      They’re also somewhat compromised by going for the authentically realistic look, rather than Uncharted’s “hyper realistic” stylised look.

      Because of all of this, CoD is never ever going to be pushing the boundaries and getting the “best looking game” awards.

      • CoD will never push boundaries while it’s in Activisions battery-farm. I wish Valve would release CS:S on the consoles with support for custom maps; people would abandon CoD in their droves if presented with that level of value.

      • I would love to CS:Source make it to consoles. The original CS received a pretty decent port to the Xbox so… :)

      • sure I understand where you are coming from Teflon, it makes sense. I can see why people enjoy it, its a good game for those who like this style. Just when all the hype makes it sound so much better than the last game, and its hardly different, it gets frustrating reading the articles. Maybe I should just stop reading COD articles on here, would save the negative comments and negative comments on me for not liking something. :) Happy days eh

  6. Anywhere where you can get the un-watermaked screens? I want the SAS one as my wallpaper!

  7. Nothing new tbh. Since the game runs on 60FPS, there won’t be dedicated servers for the consoles. So don’t even hold on to that hope.

    I really do wish this game comes out good. I wish wishes come true ;-)

  8. Oh my god, cod is so shit, battlefield 3 ftw! I wantz crzz gamez chatz!

    • I just want you to apologise for your comment. :-P ;)

  9. I can see people queuing in front of a gaming store at all hours of the morning just so they can get their hands on the level with the derailing train in it, just to see what all the controversy is about.

  10. Bf3 edges it.

    • If the weapons look metallic, as oppose to cartoony like prev bfs & feel as they have some weight (as in every cod,) i’ll agree with that.

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