“No Lead Platform” For Modern Warfare 3

Gamers might have commented that the graphics engine used in Modern Warfare 3 (the trailer for which is below) looks like it’s straight from the last game, but there’s a reason for that: it’s slick, speedy and absolutely good enough in the grand scheme of things.

Speaking on Twitter (and picked up by CVG), Infinity Ward’s Creative Strategist Robert Bowing has said that the game will look the same on both PS3 and Xbox 360 when it’s released, too.


“We don’t have lead platforms, we develop each version alongside each other,” he said. “Xbox 360 is running at same as PS3.”

The PC version, however, will receive “unique optimisations”, confirming that the game will always be locked at “at least” sixty frames per second, which is one of the things that has set the Modern Warfare games apart from the rest.



  1. Hypothetically, how much do you think either Sony or MS would pay to make their version the leading one? We still don’t know how much MS are paying for the 1 month exclusivity with the DLC, and that’s something I really want to know.
    Anyway, it’s good to hear that there will be no big differences between the two consoles.

    • Yeah I’m wondering if ‘lead platform’ includes ‘platform with 1 month map pack exclusivity’. Will be interesting to see.

    • Being lead platform doesn’t mean a thing. I’m pretty sure a higher percentage of players would still go with the 360 version.
      Just look at L.A. Noire. Over 50% of the sales were 360 purchases, even though the game came with 3 discs, which I think is an inconvenience.

  2. I’m sure I’v heard this before only to see that when the game actually gets released the PS3 version comes off worse.

    Anyone else feel the same?

    • +1
      – I still shudder when I think of the grass slivers in PS3 Red Dead – very nearly ruined the game for me. It didn’t, but it could have.

      • Definitely disagree, I thought Red dead looked excellent on ps3, I loved the game and it’s brilliant story. Sure it might have looked better on 360, but it also would have looked better on a better tv. There’s always gonna be ways to make a game look better, but not to make it play better, so as long as the gameplay’s equal between the two I’ll be happy

    • Yep. They say there’s no difference then Gamespot, Gametrailers or whoever release a side by side video that shows there is.

      • Doesn’t bother me if it’s slightly inferior graphics wise on the PS3, all I want is for the multiplayer experience to be as good as the xbox. As most of my mates have both consoles and all of them threatening to never buy it on the PS3 (cos of it’s inferior online connection) it looks like I’ll be playing it on my own. :(

    • They just want to trick PS3 gamers into thinking both versions will be the same so that noone is bummed out and decides not to buy it. ;) But yes, most of the time they are just talking out of their ass…

  3. hopefully we won’t have a broken game and no lagfests games on PS3 which should have been taken to trading standards for how poorly developed it was compared to 360 version. BLOPS i mean.

    • Totally agree – BO was a disgrace, a total XBox port. MW2 ran fine so hopefully MW3 will be the same!

  4. I wish they would do a small install to stop the game having to seek the disc during multiplayer.

    • I’d like it if every game could have an optional install to the HDD to make them run faster.

      • Then buy a 360. No? OK, then. lol.

  5. i must say that this game does look very good. Im getting sucked into the whole hype again. Hopefully it does turn out to be true and it is as good on ps3 as 360.

  6. oh dear. Is this going to be an issue with every game release? Can’t we just drop it and play these darned things?

    • Can’t they just man up and implement some proper PS3 code?

  7. Who cares, Call of Duty will be just the same as it was last time. Buggy, laggy, bad graphics, poor sound and rubbish SP. Battlefield is the way forward.

    • Shocker, a BF fanboy slating MW. Yawn

    • Talk when the sales of Battlefield and fun is same as COD. Come back when BF has superfun maps like Highrise, Terminal, Nuketown, Radiation, Vacant, Crossfire, Crash etc.

    • “Activision’s latest video game Call of Duty: Black Ops have surpassed the $1 billion mark in worldwide sales in just about 42 days from its launch on Nov.9.”

      I say a lot of people care.

  8. At the end of the day, both the PS3 version and the Xbox version will look fantastic in their own right. I dont get people comparing how a blade of grass looks better on one console than another. You dont play them side by side, so are you really going to notice?

    I only have a PS3, so thats all I will be worrying about. If the 360 does 1 extra frame a second I am happy for them, as long as the game looks good for me on the system that I have chosen.

    • So you don’t care if you pay the same price for a game that the developer spent more time optimizing for another console? Red Dead Redemption was a slap in the face compared to the 360 version. Some games run on lower resolutions with less details and poorer framerats… That’s pure lazyness of the devs in my eyes.

      • Red Dead Redemption was quite possibly the nicest slap in the face I’ve ever had, then.
        I quite enjoyed the game and thought it looked stunning.
        I don’t have a 360, and it really didn’t affect me. The game wasn’t exactly 3 or 4 hours long. If you couldn’t let go of the graphics ‘issues’ when compared to a different console while playing it, you really aren’t going to enjoy console gaming.

      • Way to generalize console gaming as a whole. There are good multiplatform releases and there are bad ones. Telling yourself it doesn’t matter doesn’t change the fact that developers focus on the 360 most of the time simply because the architecture is an easier one.
        I’m going to pass on a game because the 360 version looks better than the PS3 version but I’m still allowed to be bummed about it.

    • People aren’t simply compairing 1 blade of grass. The fact that you have to down play the problem to prove your point just shows that there is a problem.

      Personally i have both ocnsoles, so it doesn’t bother me as i just but which ever version is “better”. But i can completely understand people wanting equality in the items that are priced the same. Especially at this point in the generation cycle. Dev’s have had 5+ years to get it right. I don’t think relative parity on both consoles is too much to ask for.

  9. Could you imagine if MW3 looked as good as KillZone 3? ? ? :P Shame that.

  10. The developers are obliged to say that as at this stage they don’t want to put their foot in muddy water…

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