First Video For PlayStation Exclusive ‘One Epic Game’

Grip Games have released the first video for their upcoming Minis title One Epic Game – it’s below – which is one of the ever popular run and shoot games that we’ve seen plenty of on the App Store.

In these games, the screen scrolls from right to left constantly, and the platforms, obstacles and enemies are randomly generated, meaning that each time you play the game it’s different from the last – a nice idea.


Looks fun, doesn’t it?  One button to jump, one button to shoot, and there’s a variety of environments on offer, a story mode and a selection of challenges to get through once you’re done with the main mode.

There’s been a few of these kind of games released recently, mainly on the App Store – Canabalt was one of the first but it’s Halfbrick’s Monster Dash that One Epic Game looks most similar too.

One Epic Game will be released as a Minis title soon, we’ll try to get a hands on.  Read more here.



  1. Released soon? As in into the wild?

  2. Cool.

  3. Well at least we know that the PSN store will be back up by July…

  4. I got to say that looks really fun and addidctive. Probably wont get it though as i dont feel like getting a PSN card just for a mini.

  5. Man, I love games like this :oD looking forward to it

  6. Looks like “I Must Run” with guns! Which is not a bad thing =)

  7. That looks really fun and one of the best mini titles, reminds me of age of zombies a bit and i must run, hopefully this will be in a ps plus update

  8. Looks addicitive! :D

  9. Seriously, how does this look good? To me, it looks incredibly repetitive and, therefore, quite boring.

    • It’s a mini if you’ve played them then you know that they are supposed to be repetitive as they are games you have quick bursts on and not play them for hours.

      • I’d laugh if they said, no no we’ll make it retail RRP £49.99. One Epic Fail.

  10. Reminds me of metal slug meets I Must Run. FLAMETHROWER! Looks a good little game.

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